TMR: What is the Best Amplification for Magnepan Speakers?



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What an odd comparison.  Two modern solid state amps and a 17 year old tube amp.


Wendel always made a point of telling me when we met at shows the best he ever heard the MG20.1s was with our MA-2s (that was about 20 years ago). He pretty well ran the company so you can draw your own conclusions. My point though is that when you see odd seemingly arbitrary comparisons like this, they have almost no meaning at all.

'Best' is a tricky thing in audio and most will tell you there is no 'best'.

Atma-Sphere Class D do very well with those and the 1.7i. May only be 100 watts…. But the grab Maggie’s and make them do what Maggie’s do best. And if you have subs you’ll probably find you can ditch them. 

Currently using a Pass 250.8 with 3.7i, that combo won best at show a few years back and I can hear why.