TMC Cables/Interconnects worth a flip???

Anyone know anything about TMC cables? This cable manufacturer maintains its business model (only sells from its website and ebay/audiogon auctions) enables it to offer high quality cables for a lot less than comperable cables offered by other companies. My question is what are the comperable cables? The cable technology appears similar to JPS labs solid core designs. Has any objective individual tried these cables? Get it all out.

And that is supposed to be comparable 2X.
I have the TMC white label ic. This is a well made and good sounding cable. A little stiff but bendable. Neutral with good locking rca's. Currently trying the DH labs air matrix and will make a decision later.
I used the TMC Yellow Label to connect my B&K Ref. 10 preamp to a B&K AV6000 power amp for about 4 months. Since then I have audtioned the Wireworld Equinox III+, Nordost Blue Heaven, and Audioquest Viper; all in the $150 - $199 per meter price point. I found them all very similar in terms of presentation i.e. somewhat too forward for my tastes. The TMC Yellow Label was more laid back but the bass was a little too heavy. Detail was good and the mid-range was nice and full. Their claims of besting more expensive cables are exagerated. Instead, I found them to be the equal of cables such as those I mentioned. Cables are very system dependent and should be audtioned before making any decisions.
South 43 and Gallaine, I appreciate your responses. I know their cables can't be too bad, considering their price. And $100 doesn't usually put you in with any heavy hitters when you are talking hifi anything. I can't help but wonder though, where are all those reveiwers that consistently and constantly rate TMC cables 'full-on kick-ass' five stars over at the review? Maybe my request for objectivity acted as too much a deterrent.
Again Thanks.
I would check out Tara Labs IC's-smooth sound at very reasonable prices-their cd IC is excellent-good luck