TLC for Vintage Marantz Receiver in NYC Area

A few years ago, I paid a premium for a vintage (late 70's?) Marantz receiver which appeared to be (and was represented to be) in 99 point condition.

For a couple of years, it just sat on a shelf in my office where once in a while I would admire the blue glow of its dials.

Recently, I moved it into the house, where it is hooked up to the cable TV, DVD player and a pair of Epos 12 monitors.

In general, it has worked perfectly, is a joy to use, and has a nice warm, non fatiguing sound.

The left channel has developed an intermittant, staticky drop out, however. This seems to occur more often on the auxilliary input (where I have connected the DVD) but it seemed to also happen on FM.

It is the kind of thing that often goes away by slightly moving or tapping the receiver, turning the input selector back and forth, or even adjusting the volume up and down. So it is really maddening.

More maddening -- I have been screwed over in the NY area by techs and repairmen on vintage equipment and would therefore appreciate any advice - either on how I might diagnose and repair this myself, or if anyone knows an honest technician.

Here's something we rarely hear on Agon: my wife LOVES this component.

So any advice greatly appreciated and thank you very much.
get a can of spray cleaner from radio shack
Re Spray Cleaner

Should I just apply it to the cabinet to fix things?

Are you a tech?
The spray cleaner suggestion is not much help without some idea of how to use it. Although there used to be at least one place on the Net which told you how to clean a component, I seem to have lost my link to it.

I imagine the point was that your Marantz probably just needs cleaning, especially its switches and controls. If you get some spray cleaner, open up the unit and place it in a good position to drain, find the openings in those parts, then squirt some stuff in while turning or switching the controls back and forth a few times, that may solve your problem.

You can have a technician do this for you, of course, at the cost of about an hour of labour. He will probably do a better job, but you won't learn as much. Also, if the problem persists after cleaning, a good tech will already be some way towards an idea of the cause.

I live in the NYC area. The best technician in the area for refurbishing Marantz vintage equipment is the The Soundsmith in Peekskill. They can be expensive, depending on what is wrong with the receiver. One thing that I also ask for is to have the power cord upgraded. If you don't feel like driving up/taking Metro North up there (they are a five minute cab ride from the train station), you can UPS/USPS the unit to them. The repair process usually takes a month. The Soundsmith guarantees its work as well.

Sounds like you unit needs a good cleaning ... assuming you know what you are doing (which most of us really don't). There is also the possibility that some capacitors may be going and need replacing. While you are at, you should get the tuner recalibrated and the lights replaced.

Regards, Rich
Call Ben at NY Audio Repair at 718-377-8010. He knows that amp well. I saw one there recently he remade. He was head of the repair department at Stereo Exchange when they were 2 channel and dealt in all the vintage gear.

Are all the "amps" from that era of receiver the same one?

Answering for Khaki8 ... the amps are different (obviously). I am assuming that you have a 22XX series receiver. Depending on the number, some premiered in 1974 (black dial face with blue lights) and some premiered in 1978/79 (silver dial face with blue lights and some had a B after their name). For example, the 2216 was from 1974 and the 2216B was from 1978/79. Each model seemed to have its own personality ... the 2230 sounded very tube like ... the 2275 put out 75 wpc into 8 ohms and 46 wpc into 4 ohms.

Which Marantz receiver do you have?

Regards, Rich
Hi Rich

I have just checked and looks like it is a Marantz "2238 B".

No wood cabinet. Appears to be in perfect condition. I bid aggressively in an auction to win it.

Seemed to work perfectly but now the staticky dropping out.

Thanks to everyone for useful info.


Hi CW,

Here is some information on the Marantz 2238B . You have a 27 year old component on your hands ... excellent FM section ... pretty decent AM ... warm beefy sound to whatever source you choose to use. I have had good luck with Signal Cable products ... both the Silver Resolution and the Classic/Analysis copper lines. Just make sure that the amp side of the speaker cables are finished with pins, as that will work best the spring loaded speaker terminals of the Marantz.

Regards, Rich