Tivoli Model 1 vs. Model 2

I've got a Model 1, and get lots of enjoyment out of it. I'm thinking of getting a model 2 for stereo listening with my computer, and I noticed some differences. The model 2 is ported out the back whereas the model 1 is ported out the bottom. The model 2 looks like it has a plastic back panel, so the port exits thru plastic rather than wood.

Anyhow, all the tech talk aside - does the model 2 sound atleast as good as the model 1?

I own the Two, heard the One at the store; they sound similar enough to me. The Tivoli is not the type product to be sensitive to port location or material.
If you think it is, maybe I am too casual for you.
I got the model 2, and I also have a model 1. The model 2 is alot of fun to listen to. It actually images quite well, as do many pairs of single-driver speakers. I should add, however, that reception on the model 2 is nowhere as good as the model 1. I guess stereo reception is just much harder to achieve. So be prepared to add a good external antenna.
I do not recommend the clock radio, however.
If you buy the tivoli 2 then also buy the subwoofer. It is definitely worth the extra 70 bucks
the "clock" in the model-3 isn't that great, but the "3" has more features than any other model- namely, an external power supply, and a stereo/mono switch in case you need to clean up the reception and don't have a sophisticated antenna. the model-2 can only be run in stereo which is dumb since anyone who knows about radios can tell you that you need a (very) strong signal for stereo broadcasts. i am a bit of a tivoli-nutcase and have the model-2, the stereo-"system" with cd/sub built in (not recommended without a very good antenna-another BIG problem and a $600 price tag to boot), and my "reference-tivoli" #3 set-up on either side of my bed with TWO subs, the stereo speaker, and the separate cd-player. honest-injun, the sound when lying in my bed at nite is almost beyond reproach. not only am i totally relaxed on my sealy-mattress, but jazz, electronica, classical, prog-rock, latin jazz, etc. is so good i simply ignore what i paid for all of those separate boxes (i got the sub's pretty reasonably though). even using the standard antenna stretched to reach the lower window-frame nearby, i can get a ton of stations, and several (the best ones music-wise) are commercial-free. small jazz ensembles are incredibly reproduced- i am not able to say how they do this without more watts, and separate drivers and crossovers- but the equalizer-circuit produces a perfectly balanced sound and surprisingly-decent reproduction of string-bass, even without the subs- although i highly recommend them, as they will greatly add to the overall weight and clarity of the low-end. anyway, if you are lazy like i am this set-up is to die for, and if you don't agree with me, i will buy it from you and give it to my brother, who agrees with me this is one of the nicest small systems he has ever heard.