Tivoli Model 1 as a tuner?

Has anyone tried it this way?
Looking for a tuner for casual listening. Nothing critical but want decent sound.
I like the analog tuning as well as using it just as a radio.
BTW, according to AudioAdvisor, it can be done using the headphone jack and the signal is in stereo.
I have a Tivoli one. It's a nice sounding radio, but it is mono not stereo tuner.
Matts is right, it is a mono signal, though it does sound OK played through a decent stereo. But for $100, you can pick up a very decent-sounding old analog tuner on eBay; right now I'm listening to a Dyanco FM-5 that I got for $55 in very good shape. Check out http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/index.html for some guidance.
The headphone out on the Tivoli sends in Stereo mode.
Bambadoo, do you know if they changed this at some point? Mine is an early one, and the signal from the headphone jack certainly does not seem to be in stereo mode. I can't find my manual, but I don't recall any mention of this.
Should have done this before I posted my last message. Take a look at http://www.tivoliaudio.com/faq.htm -- although the jacks on the back of the Model One take stereo plugs, the signal itself is mono. Bambadoo, are you thinking of the Model Two?
The Kloss PAL is DEFINITELY stereo signal at the headphone output jack. I run a pair of Beyer phones with it and it sound very good. Suprising imaging and dynamic enough. Also sounds somewhat better than the Tivoli Model One.