Tivo, Slingbox, Apple? re Streaming HD in 2014

I trust this question is close enough to "home theatre" and would appreciate your thoughts if any of you are fluent in Tivo, Slingbox and/or streaming HD video.

I like to watch the news while I work whether at home or the office and therefore pay way too much money to the cable companies for multiple set top boxes.

At home, I use the old fashioned, local hard drive set top boxes (rather than the whole house box) on which I record shows or movies once in a while.

It has just occured to me that I could ditch all but one box on my desk at home, however, and use something like Slingbox to distribute whatever I want to other desks or devices remotely? In HD and + / - in real time?

One technical issue - it seems HDMI complicates digital rights in some set ups? Therefore, best to use component video out from the cablebox to the Slingbox.

So in summary, thinking of a Slingbox M1 connected to the cablebox on my desk at home, and getting rid of anything else.

Would appreciate any advice from those of you who are more familiar with this type of technology and thank you.
I was thinking the exact same thing this am as a single TV FIOS is much less monthly payment than trying to connect 5 TVs in my house.

Additional question is can 1080 5.1 channel surround be streamed thru Slingbox to multiple AVRs?

comment on HDMI rights is interesting. Component Video out would obviously rule out streaming 5.1, so that would be an issue for me.

Thank you as so far not a very popular topic around here.

Reading a bit more on the internet, I decided to purchase a Slingbox M1 which I can return if it doesn't work.

More to follow...