TIVO HD DVR - Which cables do you recommend?

I will be purchasing a TIVO HD DVR at the end of this month and I was wondering which cables would you recommend for my Pioneer Elite Plasma/DENON AVR4308ci receiver? HDMI? Component? Toslind? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
HDMI from monoprice.
or hdmi from bettercable
I went all the way up to the top Wireworld [ the silver something]. Its better than the monoprice but doesn't embarrass it. My wife uses the monoprice, she had to be forced to use it but she could see the difference at once. Get the monoprice, you may not need anything else and at its dirt cheap price it would make a good spare if you did upgrade. I have not used the better cable they have a good rep. Signal Cable makes one I haven't seen but I have used other products of theirs and like them.
Thanks for your response - I will likely go Blue Jeans Cables route.... Support those USA companies!