Titles in the Carnegie Hall Selection Committee vinyl releases

Perhaps functioning as a "record club", the ’Carnegie Hall Selection Committee’ at one time released periodic single- and multi-lp sets of compositions/performances deemed worthy of collecting. I’m listening now to a wonderful boxed set of Bruch violin works played by Salvatore Accardo, and before that, the Mozart violin concerto cycle with Wolfgang Schneiderhan (1967), Italian Philips and DGG pressings respectively. Can anyone direct me to a complete list of the club’s releases, even though I’m sure many are now long out of print ? Thanks.
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This may help: [url]https://www.discogs.com/label/455064-International-Preview-Society[/url]. Not sure this is a complete list since as you probably know, discogs is basically crowd-sourced, but it is a start. Let us know what you find.
The italian vinyl is usually a bit inferior to the original Dutch discs
thank you for your help