Tired subject...Steely Dan original pressings

Picked up an ABC black label of CBAT with matrix ABCX 758A. Very clean and QUIET!
Great sonics,mI'm not sure it sounds that much better than the later $1.00  yellow pressings I have, but Im concerned with having originals.

Is this a first year run? Purist geek here that eschews reissues. Did the yellow label begin with Katy Lied? I have white label promos for that and "Royal Scam."

Completed the task of a SD catalog up to Aja with clean period presses. My bin diving suit has been getting a workout lately.

It’s been a while, but I preferred the sound of a second pressing of "Thrill" (with the orange concentric circle label) over an earlier black label first pressing. Can’t tell you about Katie Lied, I sort of tuned out after Countdown to Ecstasy, but do have copies of all the later records--- I just moved, so haven’t really had time to sort through everything anew. I did think that the Speaker’s Corner reissue of Thrill was pretty good, except for that tape lag problem on Fire in the Hole. Others, with more Dan knowledge, may be able to contribute more....
PS: no way for me to check matrix numbers right now. At the time of Thrill, there was that small logo black label and also the so-called 'children's block's style,' -- at least for a brief period. I know I have a copy of Countdown with the latter style label, but I'm not sure there was any consistency to the use of the labels in relation to dating the records themselves. 

bill hart
Katy Lied first yellow Steely Dan album. 
thanks for the info Andrew9405

My  neighborhood record store(yes, I actually have one) has a well informed employee who always gives me a "stamper" alert if something new and interesting comes in.

CBAT was the latest, so I went for it.  Glad I did. Haven't listened to a SD album for quite some time. For me, I now have the definitive lineup-I lost interest after Aja. Gaucho seems to be a favorite for many, but it just doesn't grab me like the others.  

Meanwhile, back to the endless search in the bins.