Tired of all the gimmicky pricing, i.e. $999.99 or $927

Seriously, $999.99 for a hi-end piece of equipment?! Do these sellers think we are shopping at Walmart? That kind of pricing just reeks of used car salesman tactics.

And equally annoying is the overly precise price, like $972 . Does audio equipment pricing need NASA precision? Most of the time there is a huge range of prices an equipment can sell for. Picking such randomly precise numbers indicates the seller is delusional.

When I see such ridiculous pricing, I just scroll on. For sure it means something overpriced with undisclosed flaws and a difficult to deal with seller. Once they have your money you will have no luck resolving any issues after the sale.

It’s annoying that 90% of the ads on this site feature this ridiculous pricing.


OR will trade for like value. :-) Within a penny will be fine..

I love it when "We Pay the Taxes" too. Of course you do, I paid you, to pay your taxes, on my gear, for me. Crack me up..


Then: never, EVER, buy gasoline again.

                You'll show 'em!

Is that the reason you only bought one item here in the four years you’ve been a member?

I love the weird pricing...much prefer $927 to $999.99...plus most make offers anyway

Anything .95 or .99 is pathetic. What would enlightened folks from the future think about pricing something for $3999 in the hopes of fooling the customer's mind that it isn't four big ones?

God forbid if everything was rounded up or down with 000.00 at the end. People would lose their minds over that one. Then, they'd be complaining about not getting a little bit off on the price and that they're being gouged. You can't please everyone. 

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To the OP... WTF are you whining about? Your post is more delusional than the pricing. $.99 has been the retail marketing standard forever.

Here’s a good read on retail pricing strategies, though it may be over your head. Gawd I hate inane posts like this. 


Yes it is a well known trick that ending in .99 deceives people into thinking something is cheaper than it actually is. But these studies are based on:

1) Item is cheap ( <$50 )

2) Item is high volume like coffee or jeans

3) Buyers are unsophisticated

None of these apply to hi-end audio. And if your first impression is a "trick", then your ad is not going to be worth a click.


@stevehardy1 The OP is well aware of why .99 exists. That's why the issue was raised. Isn't it time we grew up and stopped this ridiculous pricing? Especially in high end audio? I've always found that when someone defends a commonly-held bad practice, they are also the type who tell folks irritated by barking dogs to put in earplugs.

**** Buyers are (un)sophisticated ****

You may want to reconsider this one.  😊