Tips for installing Ortofon 2M Bronze on VPI Scout

Hey folks-

Installing an Ortofon 2M Bronze on the original Scout tomorrow night (sending the Grado Sonata in for a re-tip) and was hoping there were some hot tips out there...I know the basics, even installed a 2M Red on a Pro-Ject a few years ago, but anything fun to know about? Thanks all-
Take your time and pick a time with no distractions...otherwise should be a breeze. Good luck.
For ME, many years ago, I found that when installing a cartridge, I connect/disconnect the cartridge from those delicate wires when the cartridge is physically removed from the arm. Since then, I have not broken those delicate wires.
Thanks gentlemen-

Took my time, and although some profanities went flying a few times, everything went well and sounds great so far. Setting the azimuth on a Scout though...ugh
Thebambino....the only way to do it correctly and easily is with the Fozgometer and its accompanying record. Doing it right is well worth the money spent on the Foz.