Tips for cleaning Zyx airy 3

I recently took my Zyx airy 3 to a friend, who looked at it under a microscope. To my horror, the diamond was covered in a ball of dirt and could not even be seen. This is despite cleaning the cartridge with zerodust and a brush every day. All my records have been cleaned by an Okki Nokki and I take great care to remove any dust before playing.
The stylus has now been cleaned and is back to normal and I have ordered a stiffer brush to clean it with.
Has anybody else had problems keeping this cartridge clean?.
Yes and no.

I have accepted the fact that my Dynavector Karat will get dirty. I use an ONZOW Zero Dust stylus cleaner. I dont get worried about macro dirt accumulation - I rather leave it just like that before risking damage to the delicate unit.

Even if you keep your records clean the stylus will still accumulate dirt. The air is full of dust, soot, smoke, microscopic oil droplets, etc. Not to mention all the crap on the record that the RCM cant remove.

Dont stress about it. At least your Zyx stylus system is more "accessible" than my Karat.
search forums for post by user dougdeacon describing his Magic Eraser (ME) tweak, then do it after each side, followed by a soft brush or dip in the zerodust.
Zero Dust has been dead for a while.


Lonestarsouth is wrong btw. Nobody needs to accept a dirty stylus and it's easy to keep your stylus clean with the Magic Eraser per swampwalker's post.

Continuing kudos to dougdeacon.
It was the amount of crap that was on the stylus that shocked me, especially because of the care I've taken to keep it clean. I did read somewhere that the airy 3 was a problem cartridge for picking up dust etc.
You will need always something for a clean needle. there is an advice for the Magic Eraser, or Zero dust, or Lyra SPL fluid, or AT-637, or cleaning fluid from a Record Cleaning Machine or the Vibration cleaner from Air Tight or...don't worry, a Zyx is not more or less sensitive than other cartridges. When you got your solution it is done. You need to clean the stylus, otherwise your high frequency Area, tracking ability ... will suffer.
The other cartridge I use (Denon DL110), doesn't suffer with the same problems as the Airy 3.
Fro i use a Universe and do understand your concern. I m like you and go the extra mile for a clean record and stylus. As hard as i try i do get the same clogged stylus at times. Using a magic eraser cut into a triangle getting small at one end works great for working the ball off. It could take some time as the fibers seem to wrap themselves around the stylus. Between the ME and a good brush you should be able to resolve the problem.
I have an airy 3 that has never accumulated dust. I use zero dust with excellent results. I have yet to use the ME trick, probably will some day.
Fro, I too use a ZYX Airy 3X Use the Mr Clean Magic Eraser, and problem solved. If your digging quite a bit of dirt from your records, this is telling me your Okki Nokki ain't cutting it. Either that, or you're using inadequate cleaners, and rinses. search the archives here about Mr Clean. You'll learn a lot more1 Mark
Do the search on the Mr clean Magic Eraser, once you understand that its a bit like plastic "steel wool" its hard to figure what else would work as well.

Been using ME for over 3 years on ZYX universe.

Have not used the Zero dust for months.

"Lonestarsouth is wrong btw. Nobody needs to accept a dirty stylus and it's easy to keep your stylus clean with the Magic Eraser per swampwalker's post."

Excuse me!!
Thanks for your tips!. I have invested in a stiff brush and some magic eraser today, so hopefuly this will cure the problem. The really annoying thing is that the Denon DL110 that I use on another deck is as clean as a whistle and I use this cart. on any old record and never brush or clean it.
Yep, but your Denon DL-110 is nowhere near the realm of the ZYX, and one of the reason's for the Airy 3's wonderful sound, and its ability to pick up more crud than the Denon is its Stylus profile.

Hopefully that stiff Brush your referring to that you purchased, along with the Mr Clean ME, is a good Stylus Brush?

As others have suggested to myself, a couple, to a few cueing "dunks" into a small cube of the ME placed on the Platter before every LP side, will keep the Stylus maintained, you won't ever have to risk resorting to liquid cleaners. Mark
It's an ortofon carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush
Hi Guys,

Here's the way that I do it thanks to Doug and other posters.

This took about an hour to make.. gloss black wood block with magic eraser and Zerodust at the correct heights.

3 dunks in the ME and 2 in the ZD - done..

Click here for photo..