Tip,s to get the best out of Schroder arm.

Am using the Schroder no 2 arm ,and would like to hear what users of these arms adjust screw tightness or in this case looseness.
Which screw?
Dear Tawa: Maybe the best source to a precise answer could be the manufacturer directly.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Sorry Gentlemen, The screw that holds the plate onto which the cartridge is afixed, also the two screws that hold cartridge to said plate,and the screw that holds counterweight in place.Thank you.
From my experience setting up several Schroeders and observing Frank set up more:

2 screws holding cartridge to mounting plate:
Very snug but, to quote Frank, "There's just one twist between really tight and REALLY loose!"

1 screw holding mounting plate to arm:
Adjust snugness by listening. Probably not as big a difference as on a DPS or Reference, since your armwand's not wood, but still worth experimenting. There's no "right" answer. Every cartridge reacts differently depending on how it leaks stray resonances into the headshell. Listen, adjust, listen...

Counterweight screw:
See first answer, but use caution not to mar the arm stub.

Or ask Frank, as Raul suggested. He knows best.