Tip on room lighting

I have a 60" tv with a protective clear plastic screen over it. No matter where I put my light I could see its refection in the screen. After several attempts to move it I put it behind the tv. I cant stress what a difference this made to the quality of my picture. Better colors, blacks, and a much better depth of field. It works so good I thought I would pass on the usefull tip.
Generally,you remove the plastic protective screen all together,/unless you have children,or careless adults playing nearby. Removing the "cover" gets rid of all the glare or daytime reflection.If you do, you will see how that plastic alters colors.I haven't used mine in 3 years. When I first removed mine,I stood it up,so that 1/2 the tv "had" the protection,and 1/2 didn't.Changes the whites,and has a small effect on "all" the colors.
I unplugged my TV, and started up my turntable, no glare, glorious music hehehehe
You've discovered what most already know. Room lighting is one of the many subjects covered in the Video Essentials disc. Check it out for further tips!
A friend has a large projection TV and he put a light behind it. Its not very bright but it distracts me and I always turn it off when he's not looking. The screen should be much brighter than its surroundings. It might just be me but I hate that light!
I took your advice George and relctantly removed the plastic screen. The store I bought it from had told me to do the same but I have always been nervous about having the unprotected screen. I was blown away by the difference. Its even less grainy. I noticed that the protective screen is tinted. Why is that? I had my tv profesional calibrated when it was delivered. Does this mean that the calibrations are off because it was done originally with the screen?
Can the protective screens be easily removed? If so how? I have a new SONY 53".
On mine, a Marantz, I had to remove trim that clipped in then remove about ten screws. The screen and the protective screen were held together in a plastic sheath. It was very easy and I just looked to see how it was together as I went. It should be in your manual.
Sorry, dumb question. This "plastic cover" is left on by normal people? Does it appear to be an integral part of the TV?