tip on moving/positioning speakers

About 2-3 weeks ago a friend and I were at work discussing moving heavy furniture and he told me about an interesting product that I thought might be helpful in positioning speakers. I dread moving my floor-standing speakers, they about about 100lbs. each, so I got on Ebay and bought these furniture movers called EZ Moves. They are a 3"x3" square made from a hard plastic with a piece of 1/2" thick foam on one side. I LOVE these things, it takes very little effort to move my speakers now. These things retail for like $10 for a set of 4 in stores, I bought 12 for $14 on Ebay. I hope that someone can benefit from this tip, it worked for me.

P.S. DO NOT buy the movers that are about 5-6" diameter discs, my friend bought those and he said they fold like a taco!!!
My girlfriend purchased something similar somewhere locally. The ones that she has are the size of small frisbees with a up-turned lip around the edges (so as not to get hung up or snagged when dragging something heavy ) and foam on the inside. These probably are about about 6" give or take and we've hand no problems with them.

I only found out about these after she had moved a large dresser, a 27" TV and a 6' tall audio rack all by herself. Needless to say, i was pretty amazed and wondered how she was able to do that while i was gone. I had figured that my brother must have come by and helped, but then she broke out the EZ-Moves, EZ-Sliders, etc.. whatever they are called. I've since used them myself and they work quite well on carpet. Don't know if i'd use them on wood floors, but they are VERY handy to have around the house and well worth the investment.

Good suggestion Zspradlin and well worth sharing. Sean
Wish I had known of these when the carpet installers said I had to slide by Steinway B outta the room and back again!
Hey Ernie, when are you going to list that Steinway B on Audiogon?