"Tip on jacket"

What does this mean?
I found this:

For folks unfamiliar with the term “Tip-On jackets”, these are jackets where the print is done on a separate sheet of text-stock paper, and then wrapped/glued to a thick corrugated core.
In other words, it's not printed directly on the hard jacket but is printed on paper and then glued on.

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@slaw, if you have a UK Beatles LP, look at the back of the jacket. See how the front cover comes over the top, bottom, and sides of the edge of the jacket, folded over and glued onto the back cover? That's a Tip-On.
You learn something new every day.

Thanks Nonoise and bdp24.

Had heard the term but had no clue....
I know that on Sgt. Peppers 🌶 the v in the word love in the lyrics at the bottom middle of the back cover should be aligned with the v John Lennon’s hands make.