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If you like solid mainstream jazz (mostly standards), check out the 2 CD's (The Bellingham Sessions, Vol. 1 & 2) by the Chuck Israels Quartet, released on the "Audio Ideas" label. This label is the private label of the Audio Ideas Guide magazine (a Canadian publication). For those of you who don't know Chuck Israels, he was the bassist who played Bill Evans group following Scott LaFaro's untimely death. Israels is now a professor of music at Western Washington University. The CD's by the Israels group are among the best recorded I have ever heard, and the music is excellent. You can get more info and order the CD's at the following Web site: www.audioideas.on.ca
Cannonball Adderley(Somethin Else), Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong(Ella & Louis Again 2-Cds) and Thelonious Monk Quartet(Live at Monterey 1963 vol.2). These are all awesome jazz recordings and are my top three favorites. The label is Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (Ultradisc II gold Cds)
If you want to preaudition tracks from Chuck Israels Quartet CD, there are a couple available on MP3.com. I've downloaded them and now it's time to buy the CD.
Thanks for the tip. Add these: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (ELLA and LOUIS)Verve Master Edition. This will blow you away! Charles Lloyd (The Water is Wide) ECM. The 1st track, Georgia, is worth the price of admission alone. Shelly Manne & His Men At The Black Hawk (Vols. 1-5). NO jazz collection should be without that one! Enjoy.
1. Dick Hyman's "From the Age of Swing", Reference Recordings. 2. Marian McPartland: "Reprise", on Concord. 3. Duke Ellington: "Three Suites" on Columbia 4. Les Double Six: "A Night in Tunisia", on RCA 5. Charles Mingus: "New Tijuana Moods" on RCA 6. Bill Evans: "Alone" on Verve
Hi jazz lovers, I've been listening to three live recordings lately that are both sonically great and most of all musically outstanding. Two of the cd's are from Brad Mehldau recorded live at the Village Vanguard. "Art of the Trio Volume 2" and "Art of the Trio 4 back at the Vanguard". All I can say is this creative playing on the highest level I've every heard. They are not a casual listen though, you have to concentrate to keep the form of the tune in your head. This is not free style avant-garde jazz, the time and form of the standards is always there. They are all just soooo.... freaking good they sound like they could go anywhere they care to with the tune. You'll really enjoy the rhythmic modulation between them. The other cd which is sonically the best of the 3 is from Wynton Marsalis, it is also recorded live at the Village Vanguard, "Wynton Marsalis Septet" Selections from the Village Vanguard Box. The band is just swinging hard and cooking on this one and it sounds like they had a lot of fun playing on this date. The recording lays bare Wynton's great tone and command of his instrument. Check out Wynton on the end of Cherokee as he plays a non-stop line that last for a whopping 64 bars. I would like to thank you all for the suggestions above and I will try to check them out. Happy listening, Tom Colato
Trcnet, if you really enjoy Brad Mehldau, check out his work with Joshua Redman. These are two of the most exciting "new" artist out there.
Thanks Shelton, I do have 3 of Joshua Redman's cd's. I know Brad is on Mood Swing but I'm not aware of him being on any of the others. Redman's live cd is pretty good at times. There are a lot of great jazz piano players out there and we also lost a few before their time. I was fortunate enough to see Kenny Kirkland and Don Gorlnick many times in NYC back in the 80's and early 90's before they past away. Among other favorite piano players are Herbie Hancock, Joey Calderazzo, Keith Jarret, and John Taylor to name a few. I was wondering if anybody has heard Peter Erskine's new live cd entitiled " Live at Rocco's"? I hope this thread keeps going with lots of great suggestions of great "live" jazz. One that I have that I forgot to mention is Jim Hall "Panorama". Sonically it is just great but in IMHO some of the playing is not on par with the others mentioned but it has its moments. Take care, Tom
Gold Analog Productions CD. Classic!!!
Brad Mehldau also appears on Joshua Redman's "Timeless Tales". Here is a "live" trio set that you may enjoy, Dmitri Matheny's "Starlight Cafe". Dmitri does a nice job on Flugelhorn. It's soft, but not syrupy.
Hi Shelton, Thanks for the tip, I'll look for it the next time I'm at the cd store. What's the instrumentation on Matheny's disc and how would you rate it for sonics. Thanks, Tom
Tom, Dmitri Matheny on Flugelhorn, Darrel Grant on piano, and Bill Douglass on Bass. For a live recording, the sonics are good. There are moments, when it gets very good, that you forget it's live. This is just one of the very few "recent" recordings that I have. I really love the small acoustic combos of the 50's & 60's. For me, it can't get much better than that.
sdcampbell - Thanks for the tip
Don Friedman "Attila's Dreams" ---- with Andrew Cheshire, Ron McClure and Joey Baron on the Ephemeris juss records Lable
Bill Evans Trio sessions at the VV. These performances are the last of bassist Scott LaFaro. The titles are Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby. I never get tired of those; I only wish more of this engagement was recorded . . .
Try How My Heart Sings, with Chuck Israels and Paul Motian.
Thanks ALL for ALL the tips! Cheers