Tiny image from monitor speakers!

What stand mounted speaker/amp combination works to provide a "real-size" image? To generalize, most monitors have detailed images, but lack in the image size department. Does any speaker exist that overcomes this?
If your room is treated properly, you can alleviate this as much as it can be alleviated. But it can never be completely gone, IMO, nor does it need to be. Small speakers have many advantages, not the least of which is their ability to sum in phase in the nearfield. Good luck, and treat your room correctly, before you decide what speakers to buy.
I have also found huge differences is the size of the stereo image swithing cables and interconnects, but that is going to require a lot of trials and testing on your part.
I've had great success with Totem 1's with the Plinius 2100i integrated amp....the Totem's throw a HUGE soundstage...