within the last few years I have had small issues with tinnitus while listening to my main system (system is set up for near field listening), with that said I have also set up a very good headphone system and have separated it to a spot upstairs with a nice easy chair and have been listening to it a lot lately, the other night it dawned on me that the issues I am having with the tinnitus does not occur when listening to the cans and was wondering if anyone else has had the same results. The tinnitus I get during listening sessions with the main system is never to the point that it detracts from my listening experience but still there non the less.
My tinnitus follows me everywhere, listening to my main system and with headphones or earbuds. I unconsciously tune it out so it's not a major issue in music enjoyment. I'm due for a hearing checkup but I have no doubt I've lost some upper and lower frequency hearing. It sucks getting old so when someone comes up with a cure let me know.
Consult a primary care physician for treatment!
Do this at your own risk.

Tinnitus has a frequency that can be matched using this online sine wave generator. If you put on some head phones and tune it to the same frequency as your tinnitus, turn up the volume to a loud level for a minute or so, your hearing/brain is said to automatically be able to notch out that frequency of your tinnitus for a while.

I don’t have tinnitus, but it’s worth a try.

Also never listen to those burn in cd’s, close the door and get out of the room, as they will also do the same at whatever frequency they run at, and notch your hearing out, this is why many swear there’s a difference to their system after doing it, when all their doing is creating a dip in their hearing.


Cheers George
George, I own an (expensive) PAD Luminist system conditioning cd. So you're saying it just works on a human level & doesn't actually do what they claim (ie: accelerate the burn in process & do a more thorough job)? Sorry for the slight side-track from the tinnitus discussion..

So you're saying it just works on a human level & doesn't actually do what they claim (ie: accelerate the burn in process & do a more thorough job)?
I myself don't use burn in cd's, to burn anything in,I do use professional audio bench equipment  at different low frequencies to break-in woofer roll-surrounds before auditioning.

What I'm saying is that if your in the same room when a burn in CD is pounding your system into submission, it's also notching out your hearing at that same frequency, and maybe this is why some say there's a huge difference in sound.

Cheers George  
George good point about leaving the room whilst burn in cd's are running George. I plan to run mine while i'm at work or out of the house. The pops and squeeks drive me crazy!