Tinnitus remedy?

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Ok posted and had to delete lol of course I read that as oxycotin not oxytocin!
And great news if it works!
I'll say jond! Mine seems to be worse lately, but I've been drinking a lot of coffee.
bdp24, does coffee aggravate tinnitus?


I've read several times that eliminating coffee is a good way to try to reduce/eliminate tinnitus. If you are a coffee drinker and suffer from tinnitus, you might want to try to quit coffee for a while to see if it helps. Of course, the headaches might be worse that the tinnitus......

That's what I've heard. But I needs my coffee. Alcohol too.
One of 200kg young musician I know of said he knows about risk to the heart, but he still likes his pasta with sausage daily.
I have suffered from tinnitus for years.  I think it's the caffeine that aggravates it as well as salt intake.  I always have one espresso shot in the the morning but if I have anymore I switch to decaf.  Try to watch salt intake as well. 

Here is some more insight into tinnitus.  don't worry about the URL is from shadyurl


Coffee/caffeine as a cause for tinnitus is very bad news for me, I likes my coffee too and have already cut back to half decaf but my drink of choice are black Russians so I need to just go lay down now.

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09-29-2016 12:00pm
Coffee/caffeine as a cause for tinnitus is very bad news for me, I likes my coffee too and have already cut back to half decaf but my drink of choice are black Russians so I need to just go lay down now.

The good news in all of this is that today 29 Sept is National Coffee Day. Here's mud in your eye. :-)

I celebrate April 20th, not September 29th.
I have to say both April 20th and Sept.29th are celebrated at my house, puff puff pass.
OOPS forgot to mention, I celebrate April 20th every day similar to lyrics from famous Chicago’s song "Every Day is 4th of July".
Cheers! Happy 4/20!

Coffee is one of the basic food groups. There's no way that I'm going to give it up.  

I got into home roasting over ten years ago. I buy my green coffee beans over the Internet. 

Coffee is a lot like wine. There's "Two Buck Chuck" at Trader Joe's, and then there's a fine Cab from Napa. Same with coffee.  Once you get home roasting down, there's no turning back. There's no way that anything store-bought, pre-roasted coffee can compare with home-roasted. The flavors are amazing with fruit, caramel and chocolate overtones. No bitterness at all.   

If anyone would like to get started, here's the site I use:


Let me know if you would like any help in selecting coffee, brewing or roasting equipment. 

I'll suffer a little tinnitus and keep the coffee, thank you.  

Actually coffee is at the very top of the food chain. If you don't drink coffee you can die. You can even go without water for several days. Not so with coffee.
Actually coffee is at the very top of the food chain. If you don't drink coffee you can die. You can even go without water for several days. Not so with coffee.

huh ? so, how are you making your coffee ?    


The flavors are amazing with fruit, caramel and chocolate overtones. No bitterness at all.

Interesting OP.  This is in total opposite to the current NABOB respect the Bean movement/campaign in Canada.  


not affiliated with NABOB and I do not use NABOB either.    

For all you coffee drinkers that are also Tidal subscribers.

New Playlist:

Death Before Decaf: Songs About Coffee
I've been reading a lot about different frequency & white noise therapy... I've read for years that the problem with Tinnitus is that is gets set in your brain and once it gets locked in,  externals trigger your brain... I've read about 3 different approaches, but the idea is to re train your brain so that you can get actual results.

I didn't starting drinking coffee 'til I was 29, but made up for lost time. I got hooked by a guitarist I was playing with, but he had nothing to do with my tinnitus. He played (R.I.P.) a Telecaster into a '65 blackface Deluxe Reverb!

Thanks for the beans for roasting info mofi, I'm ready to graduate to it. Grinding whole beans was a step up, but I would guess roasting them at home is an even bigger one!

Very interesting. I pulled the abstract of this study--which had zero information about dosing. I'm a medical writer and write about drugs for my living. I also have annoying tinnitus that interferes w/my audio habit--but never heard of oxytocin until today. Believe it or not, you can purchase intranasal oxytocin online, without prescription, for $49.99. Its primary current use is not tinnitus, but for relief of social anxiety arising from autism or social anxiety disorder; in particular, it facilitates the user's making of eye contact with others (something these conditions hinder or render impossible). Live and learn.

Tinnitus is becoming more of a problem for me because my primary audio experience these days is desktop audio (speakers 2 ft from head). That's not as bad as it sounds--I rarely listen at elevated volumes. The real issue is headphone listening, something I'm becoming very fond of & involved with. I know better than to blast the headphones. Still, after 30" of moderate-volume headphone listening, my tinnitus is always worsened for 12+ hours.

Still, I'm one of the lucky ones, insofar as my tinnitus never seems to coalesce into definable tones or notes; rather, it is akin to white noise (if you imagine white noise only from the midrange on up). The really unfortunate ones have tinnitus that sounds like percussion, or repeated, distinct notes. Some tinnitus sufferers have actually committed suicide over this (a horrifying thought). I'm extremely lucky that my tinnitus is indistinct. 

Re coffee: due to my (likely unrelated) extreme migraine issues, I've purposefully moderated my caffeine intake several times in the past 8 years, along with a number of other dietary experiments. Nothing I've ever done w/any food intake, including caffeine, has had a noticeable effect on tinnitus. Instead, tinnitus seems to gradually increase with age, regardless of other factors.
Melatonin cures tinnitus to a large extent
Tinnitus is a funny thing. My ears ring at about the same volume as someone speaking to me in a quiet voice. I also have gradually lost more and more of my high frequency sensitivity. After numerous medical tests the Dr says I am gething old (loss of range) and I likely suffer from too many concussions  (Tinnitus). I can still hear beyond female vocals but have to spike the curve above 12 k. While he said their is no cure there are several herbal supplements that actually work, but no prescriptions medicine. He even handed me a flyer to a website that sells one version. Of course I haven't been smart enough to order it yet. Old=stubborn.

So the question comes up. How can a partially deaf guy with a loud ringing in his ears enjoy audio? For me, it is the best part of my day. I forget the Tinnitus and I focus on vocals and mid-bass. With the right amp speakers (on the bright side) can hear enough music to brighten my day (pun intended). 

So the philosophical question about what amp or speakers are the "best" is truly relative for me as it should be for all. 
Up to today I always thought audiophiles would do anything possible to improve their audio experience.
You learn something new every day.
  1. oregonpapa
    1.  What roaster do you use? I have thought about home roasting but not yet tried. 

You might get my guns, but you will never, ever get my coffee!
Lostbears,  FWIW everything oregonpapa sez about coffee beans is right on! What he doesn't say though is that, like audio, it can quickly become a hobby and many won't appreciate your efforts so much as to think you are a bit anal. :-)

I have, and highly recommend the roaster made by Hot Top. Sweet Maria sells them I believe. 

 It is not so much a hobby as an obsession. But it dovetails nicely with my audio obsession. I use the time while the tubes warm up to make coffee.
Perhaps we can do our own little study with oxytocin to see how well it works. Anyone else up for it ?

of course to do it for real we'd need a control group...  I.e someone would have to buy the pills and find a placebo that looked the same and send them to participants who didn't know if they were getting the oxy or placebo .  
I'm a life long shooter, the last 5 or 6 years competitively and a definite coffee fiend. No wonder no matter how much dough I throw at this hobby I can't tell the difference!  :  )

Oxytocin is a sex hormone with many physiological impacts.

I have tinnitus and see no relationship between it and drinking coffee. I stopped drinking coffee about 6 weeks ago, but the tinnitus has not improved. My conclusion is that you can have your  coffee and drink it too.
I suffer from Meniere's Disease which includes episodes of tinnitus.  I sometimes use a Widex Zen hearing aid which includes a feature that helps eliminate the episodic ringing in my left ear.  It's an expensive little gadget, but it works. 
My Neurologist suggested some get relief from taking citrus bioflavins. The capsules are readily available in health food stores/groceries. I have been taking 2 a day for about 3 weeks with no discernible result, however.  Of course, avoid loud sounds. I recently got hearing aids. I was told they may alleviate the issue , as one theory of its cause is the brain substituting that noise for the frequency level in the hearing loss. Once again, no discernible result. However, each person's response may be different, so try the bioflavins, and get your ears checked for loss.
I'd avoid the oxytocin without a physician's advise unless you are about ready to deliver a baby.
physician here is third party drug dealer
Yeah have fun with that.