Tinnitus Joe with Raven Nighthawk ???? Speakers ??

OK I now have a Raven Nighthawk and waiting on new Blackhawk to arrive.
I have rolled the tubes to be pretty sweet sounding on the Definitive Techogoly BP8080 st speakers.
But I have played and replayed CD’s and I hear distance details in music that I never heard with
my SS Marantz SR8002 with the 8080 speakers as I do with Raven.
So if I was to play Kenny G and I can only have his music to 73dB and maybe 4 songs and my hearing is done
for hours..
When I play other music I may go as high as 80dB and can play for hour or so..
So I am thinking of getting more musical speakers over the 8080 for I believe more is to be found with front speakers vs the Bi Polar ..
I have had Bi Polar for 28 yrs and feel it is time to move on after Mirage M-5 for 28 yrs ..
So I see some buy 5000.00 speakers and sell after 3 months and wonder .. I know I can not afford to go that route. So I have been thinking Focal 936 or Golden Ear or Sinus faber .. Since I can not play high dB but really enjoying the sounds I am starting to hear would like to know what you have and how loud do you play with those with Tinnitus..thank You
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The universe it telling you not to listen to Kenny G.........as it should. :)
Joe, sorry about your condition, I've had the big T about 25 years. As long as I hear the buzz I know I'm still alive. This doesn't keep me from attending one or two live music shows a week with high volume. I don't blast my hifi at home like I used to or listen to headphones. I'm glad you're enjoying your tube rig, it is such a different presentation than SS (generally speaking). You might try some CBD oil. It has anti anxiety properties and helps you focus on things besides the "ringing"
So yes jond. I stay away from Kenny G now.....I have had tinnitus for over 40 yrs and 38 of the years could sleep..But 2 yrs ago my tinnitus doubled in volume I hear. yes doubled so be careful you can make it worst then you have it now.. I use blue tooth SleepPhones and my computer has site that make the Hz noise and mine is wavy and so 6ooo to 8ooo frequency 50 %volume.. But guess I was trying to ask how loud you play music but now I guess most of you are not at high frequency as I was for years.. But I was trying to get out of you the speakers that you use hoping most of you were playing music at lower volume. I know most reviews say louder more definition/detail in music.. I am looking for speakers that can be played around 80dB and be musical and detailed .So if any one knows of good quality speakers or thrones I mentioned.I will go hear some soon but just thought I would ask others in same situation what they are using>>thank you...And tuberist at 68 yrs old I have back,knee,shoulder pain with tinnitus and one morning laying there and I had no pain for few minutes and I start laughing for I hear the ringing and said to myself I am alive ..LOL