Tinnitus Article

Tinnitus has come up on enough threads lately that this NYT article might come as welcome reading. Interesting developments, at any rate...

Here is a functioning link for the article mentioned above:

Tinnitus Article
Thanks for picking up where I screwed up, Cincy bob.
$5,000.00 for a MP3-type device that emits a white noise overlayed with music. And insurance doesn't cover it. Someone's going to get rich on this one. It seems to me that a creative audiophile( maybe one of the Audiogon members) could DIY something like this contraption.
Sherod, the utilization of this device requires rather elaborate services of an audiologist I seem to recall reading. Much back and forth interaction via computer programs with the firm in Australia. It's not a "one size fits all" device. Every patient has to have their software custom designed and tuned, just like hearing aids. The purveyors of that device aren't going to get any richer than your average audiologist probably. The scale of manufacturing is too small. Like every other service the medical industry provides, it's not for those cash impaired.
Photon46, "Get any richer than your average audiologist"?

I don't know too many wealthy audiologists (at least based on their incomes alone). My wife is an audiologist with a post graduate education of 3 year + 1 year internship + 2 years to get what is basically a PHD for/in audiology = 10 years of education. She graduated from one of the top 3 (I don't know where they are actually ranked presently) programs in the country, along with 12 others the same year. None of them could be considered rich, even at twice their annual income levels.

Audiologists are a female based profession, that being said the pay levels are far below equavalent male based medical professions (of similar life/death importance and educational training).

You are correct though in your interpretation of the legitamacy of the price of such a device. $5,000 is about in line with a good pair of upper range digital hearing aides. Most (not all) medical insurance does not cover hearing aides (although Medicare does?).
Ckoffend, I didn't mean to imply that audiologists are at the top of any income survey. I just assumed most people would know that when I made the statement. My wife has worn hearing aids for many years, we've known several audiologists and their families on a friendly basis, and we've yet to meet any that are "rich."
In any event, it is a good thing when new technology develops to help those with tinnitus. Tinnitus is a common problem with a lot of people. I have had it from time to time and it can be very annoying.