timlub (Tim Hector)

Just wanted to publically recognize Audiogon menber timlub (Tim Hector).  I contacted him in regards to my 45 year old speakers made by Speakercraft in Webster Groves, MO (Marcof Electronics).  His knowledge of my specific speakers blew my mind.  He was extremely helpful, honest, and a true gentleman.  Thanks to timlub my speakers sound better than when I bought them in the late 70's. 


Just another example of the very reason I come to this site on a regular basis. Thank you for pointing this back and forth with timlub out to reinforce the worth of Audiogon when used correctly. Enjoy the music

Thank you Bill. I truly appreciate your kind words. 

Enjoy these old beauties. I've pulled off of Agon for awhile. 

You made me remember why I was here in the first place. Thank you again, Tim

There are some good people here that stay under the radar and out of the silliness. Thanks for posting nhb307 :-) Enjoy those speakers!

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