Times Must Be Good

In the past month I have contacted five manufacturers/ dealers either about upgrades of equipment, I own or regarding new purchases. The potential purchase in some cases was thousands of dollars. Incredibly, only one of the four, Pass Labs responded to me. Times Must Be Good.
Weeeell, Sling, waddya expect for a puny few $k??? Business starts at multiples of 10k. You can hardly get a decent car at 10k nowadays, let alone hi-end ELECTRONICS.

Seriously though, good for Pass! And maybe it's time we set up the WEVAC Corp: WE VAlue our Customers.

I'm not sure who you tried to contact, but I have had EXCELLENT service from Balanced Audio Technology, YBA & Audio Refinement, Lehmann Audio, Classe Audio, Martin Logan, DH Labs, and Eminent Technology. I have some truly inspirational stories to tell about these manufacturers, they go way above and beyond the call of duty.

Blue Circle seems like a very responsive company as well (there's likely others I've overlooked too). Have a look and listen to the products these companies market, they make excellent gear and certainly look after their customers in a big way. Regards, Jeff
Might they have been at the Stereophile Show in NYC when you contacted them? A lot of these companies are small operations and don't have coverage when the head honcho's out of the office. You might want to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them again.
I had a lot excellent service from several of manufactures (even big ones) in answering my questions, even if the questions where alway about relatively cheap equipment for less than $1000-2000 . Linn USA had really good telephone service. Naim, Quad and Lehmann were very good and courteous about anwering emails. The best service I have received so far was by Trichord Research (sister company to Michell). Graham Fowler (owner and head designer) is a really great person to talk to.
So far my experiences with the manufactures directly were always a lot better than with Dealers, although there are several good dealers out there as well.
Its nice to hear there are other companies providing good service. None of the those listed above were called.

They may have been at the show but I sent emails to all of them. A couple of them I may call as I am still interested in pursuing it. However in regard to the potential purchase of a $3,000 DAC or cd player, I have purchased something else. In regard to the upgrade of one of my units, a subsequent purchase due to their nonresponse negates the need for it.
Emailed a seller on Audiogon with a question on his cd transport. No response. Times Are Still Good.
Every time I've called the Pass Labs folks on the phone, not only do they answer on first or second ring but also are extremely polite and accomodating of my concerns.
I am currently a very satisfied owner of three “big ticket” items from Pass.

A class-act company.
Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note has always responded to emails and is quite engaging.