times change

Is there still a following for Belles 150 reference Amps
is so what is a fair price for  (4) of them
Yes, there is a demand for them.

I was actually looking for an original 150A a while back, and you had to jump on them fairly quickly or else someone would scoop them up.

I ended up buying an even older 400A, at an even higher cost than any 150 I saw advertised.

Check out USAudio Mart perhaps. But if I remember correctly, most the 150A’s in clean shape were going for around $600-$700. Then you have the ‘Hot Rod’ version which many folks prefer as well, and those demand a higher cost.
Hey thanks
ps these amps are 150 Reference
before the 150A and the Hot Rod
Gotcha. As I say, regardless, these old Belles amps are sought after. The 150A’s were designated ‘Reference’ as well.

You may be speaking of the ‘little brother’ of my 400A? Do they have wood sides?

no none them have wood on them
its the same as the one from  USAudio Mart, minus the wood
Interesting. Wonder if the wood was removed?

That one on USAudio Mart looks similar to mine with the wood panels, except mine is the 400A @ 200 wpc. Also my power button is an actual small button, not a toggle switch. And mine is a bit cleaner ;-)

And $600. Not bad, but pretty typical of these old Belles amps.

I tried contacting David about more info on mine, but he never responded back. Info on these old Belles amps is hard to come by. Info on the 150’s are easier to find than mine, that is for sure.
You know I have seen them with and with out wood sides, not sure if that was an upgrade
there are no holes in any of my amps where the wood, would have been?

maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.
I'm new at this

perhaps like that one?

I think that person was overpricing that amp. I’ve seen similar like that go for $300 +/-

like this one:

Yes that's it, ... err them
umm as for his asking price, I would have bought that.
just for a spare

just saying, they are spectacular amps and to find 1 is good, but to find 4

well i may have them for a while
Yes, they are spectacular amps. I talked a respected reseller of used/vintage equipment down to $700 for my 400A, but it still cost $100 to ship at 55lb. Not complaining though, I’m very happy with it, and my Vandy 2CE Sigs like the 200 wpc as well. So ultimately happy I found an even more rare 400.
They will kill me here
but i have a video of my system
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be nice, it was recorded from my phone
so tomorrow when I'm not drinking ill try to post it... or will try to