Time Windows grill replacement

Can anyone suggest where I can find foam or grill cloth to replace the grills on the Time Windows I just purchased? They are pretty beat up. Thanks.
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Just do a search on Ebay. I also bought a pair of the original Time Windows at a local pawn shop. Asked DCM about parts and they never replied. These (mine) were a glued on clothe if I remember correctly. Not sure if your also has the center threaded rod to hold the top and bottom on, but you can get these rods at a place like home depot if you are interested in replacing the caps and yours has issues (as mine did). For the $75 bucks I paid for these speakers they sound pretty good. They are in use in my 12 year old sons bedroom.
You can purchase replacement foam from McMaster-Carr. Mine do not have any foam on them at all. I have the TW 1's.

One of the best purchases I have made here on Agon, well worth the money.

Now if I could only find some TW 3 or 7's....
I was able to help a friend restore his DCM Time Windows a few years ago by ordering new sox (grill cloth) from the factory. You might try contacting them again.