Time warner HDHBO

Anyone notice that the HDHBO in the upstate area looks dark.I switch to a loop of PBS and all is well.What gives.They haven't a clue.
I have the same problem in NH with Comcast.
Mine just comes in and out so much it currently is unviewable, I'm actually waiting on the cable guy today to come by AGAIN to fix it!!

The first time they came by and checked the line they said the signal was so low they were surprised I got any digital channels!
I also experience this with Comcast HDTV in DC. For what it's worth, I also have some volume problems with HDTV network broadcasts...I have to crank it way up for CBS HD.
I have noticed the same thing. In my opinion, what we are seeing and hearing is the fact that the HD signal uses little or no video and audio compresson. Thus, the video and audio dynamic range are much, much greater than a standard NTSC broadcast. I simply turn up the brightness about 5 notches and increase the volume when watching these channels. It is a bit of a pain when switching back to a standard baseband channel. I think we will be in this transition period for several more years. For now, HD is worth the extra trouble; I remember having only 4 black & white grainy channels and mono audio through a cheap speaker.
Kenny--Tell your cable guy to put a cable amplifier on it...that's what my Comcast guy did, and the signal strength is flawless now. No more fading in and out.
I have no problem with DirecTV HD. Dish is better than cable in my opinion.