Time to upgrade or no

I'm using a Pangea ac9 mkll power cord on my 2 channel b&k.I was looking into a morrow map2 power cord as a upgrade would this be a worth while venture?
I went ahead and bought the morrow map 2 pc
i wanna give marrow a try
Get a Purist cable or get nothing as its much better.
What it the best way to break in this cable do u have to run it through a amp or something with just white noise signal
I have a apc15 power conditioner which has a stock power cable if I moved the Pangea over to that would it make a difference?

I would ’break in’ the Morrow on the power conditioner for a few weeks then swap them. Morrow on amp Pangea on conditioner. That will also let you hear any differences between them.                           
I have gone back and forth with a few different power cords on several components finding just the right spot for each.                    
Took awhile to find the right spot for my 4 meter Pangea AC9SE mk2 Signature. but finally it found a home powering my Rudistor RPX33 mkII headphone amp. (theory is interesting, but nothing beats actually trying.. Who would claim theory sez' put a big fat powercord on a little headphone amp??? Sound is just right!)
The 4 meter 12 gauge DH Lab wire with Furutech '28' plugs is home on the Conrad Johnson ACT2And I am back to the Pangea AC14XL on the Bryston 4B-SST² Took the DH Labs I had there and stuck it to the Furman REF20. All seems well sorted.            
SO I say do not be afraid to swap power cords around and LISTEN.