time to upgrade new receiver or used seperates?

I am long over due for an a/v set up upgrade. I have had an Onkyo tx-sv424 since it was new and dont even run pro-logic mode because it sounds horrible.I just got done building a nice set of diy speakers and now am looking to upgrade my receiver. I have been looking at the Harmon Kardon avr-635, and will end up getting a power amplifier to run my home brew speakers (they are not very efficient and the impedence dips below 4 ohms).Then I got thinking if I am getting an amp why not get a preamp processor?now I have a tight budget and if I go with the pre-pro it would have to be an older unit.Now I dont care if I am only getting 5.1 over the 7.1 that the receiver has to offer.I am more interested in getting the best sound possible. What technology would I be missing out on by getting a 5-7 yr old processor?What I dont like about most reviews I read on processors is that they have glitches. I dont want to get into something that I have nothing but problems with, It will have to last me 7-10 yrs before another upgrade.How much better do seperates sound over the a/v receivers? A few older models of processors I looked at on ebay were B&K, Outlaw, Proton, Rotel, Denon, Marantz, and proceed.These units ranged from 150-400$ and were 1000-over 3000 new.All in all I am most interested in the following features: Adjustable crossover settings, on screen display, at least 5.1, and the ez-set eq feature with mic on the H/K probably wont be found on older processors will it?So would it be a waste of money to buy an older top of the line unit ? I dont know much about the seperates but I know they are better than all in ones. How much better?I will be running in stereo mode till I get rear speakers and another amp too.What does everyone think? Any tips for my upgrade would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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Royxc: I just replaced my 1998 Nakamichi with a 2006 Rotel RSX 1056 receiver. The Nak never was superior in the surround sound imaging area and in comparison the 2006 Rotel has been a lot of fun configuring with all 7 channels being used. I'm using a 5 watt/channel tube stereo amp for the front 2 channels only and an assortment of speakers for surrounds. There is a big difference in technology for surround features that cannot be ignored. In an answer to a thread a few weeks ago I mentioned that I purchased a Marantz 7.1 receiver for tryout but it did not work out (separate story). So far, the Rotel has been more configurable for me. I'm guessing that a current new receiver is going to have better sound staging than older processor but probably lesser audio "quality"??I have no experience with separate high quality pre/pro so my opinion just for low/mid priced receivers. Let us know how it finally works out and good luck with your speakers, Mike.
I too have had my good ole Onkyo TX-SV424 since new...has been good to me till recently...the power button had been broken & repaired a few years ago...well it broke again SO I used the remote & just let it ride till my 4 year old decided to jam it in the unit wedging it snugly inside...:( without realizing I turned it on & quickly received the "PROTECT" mode display...being the Miss -Fix-It herself I took on the task...took it apart..retrieved power button in hopes of being the problem, BUT still "PROTECT" mode display...:( anyone else xperienced this with their tx-sv424??? is it fixable?? worth fixing??? or should I procede to obtain an upgrade??? trash my old trusty Onkyo???? which I'll admit will be painful for me....please help B4 I waste a $39 fee for nothing...THANX!!!
depending on your budget, you will almost certainly get better everything from separates. the only reason to buy a new receiver is to take advantage of HDMI. If you use the multiple HDMI's on your TV, then this may not be an issue.