Time To Upgrade My Digital Front End

Been streaming via a LAN connection (through SFP’s) using my Gustard R26 DAC as a renderer and have been pretty happy with the sound quality, but I think I would like to step things up a little.

Many here mention the likes of Aurender, Auralic, Innous, and a few smaller, boutique companies as well. Most of these are a bit over my budget though.

I have been reading about the TEAC UD 701 DAC/Server/PA here on AG and some other sites and it’s getting decent write ups. I’m finding though that most of those threads on AG don’t have some of the more seasoned member’s opinions on the TEAC. Is it possibly not up to par?

The UD 701 is around $4K, under my budget of $5K. I’m not opposed to purchasing used (I see one on presently on AG) but would really like to have the security the warranty provides.

And I know, separates are preferred which the TEAC is not...



With a 5K budget dont screw around, the reason you see a lot of people talking about Aurender and others is because they actually work well and are built to last, and the SQ is stellar. You can purchase a $3000 music server from Aurender then add a external DAC of your choosing ...Thats real bang for your buck and a terrific value.



Matt M

@mattmiller thanks. I think I would prefer to stick with Roon and I don’t think Aurender is compatible. I did here that the Aurender ap is very good though, maybe I could save myself $14 a month! 

With only $2K left for a DAC maybe I should keep my Gustard R26?

If you have ROON already, try a USED Bryston BDP 3 as a renderer. BDP2 with a BDP3 soundcard on USaudio for like $1k.  Then you could compare ROON vs MPD.