Time to upgrade my Amp

This is what I have now Rogue Audio Cronus Mag integrated amp and Vandersteen Quatros Wood
had the Rogue with Vandersteen 2 Rogue put high pass filters in so Could play the Quatros I love the holographic sound stage of tube and the amazing mid range but it's time to now upgrade  
so my first choice is Quicksilver Audio V4 amps and preamp second choice not all tubes but some it's the     Aesthetix Mimas integrated both around the same price 

So please let me know your thoughts on my choices or what you would choice 
you can check out my whole system in virtual systems
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Do you want tubes or ss?

 I would recommend the Rob carver 350 crimson mono blocs,
or the Sanders sound Magtech exclusively.
Others will chime in soon.......

if tubes, I would demo the carver monos’

  top tier quality and reliability.
With Quattro powered bass you don’t need 350 tube watts, you want magic midrange and amazing HF extension. There are any number of tube amps that pair well with Vandersteen and some hybrid as well. Typical pairings include Aesthetix, ARC, VTL,, Quicksilver, Rogue, Brinkmann. The Mimas is superb for sure! The Vandersteen high pass amps start at $15k but your local Vandy dealer will more than likely carry one of the tube amps mentioned above. Let me know how I can help, I have two pair of Vandersteen’s 
enjoy the music!!!!
Talk to Johnny Rutan at Audio Connection.
If you want to go all tubes, why not look at Raven Audio.
Thanks for the info everyone 
the carvers are good but over my budget and leaves me with no money for the preamp
I talk to John all the time and you can find me there on saturdays a couple times a month
Pulled the trigger today at Audio Connection John and the guys are the best Thanks again John so my new amplifier and preamplifier are the Aesthetix Atlas and Pallene 
Now waiting in anticipation for delivery 
@tomstruck - ya man !!!! atlas has mule kick drive and great match w Vandersteen including built in high pass!  One of my three finalists when I was amp shopping when I owned 5a !!!!
love my Jim White DAC, dude has ears and rock solid engineering - enjoy the music