time to upgrade amp

I have a small room (12x9) that I use for 5 channel and 2 channel . Mostly music, a few movies but the movie part is not nearly as important to me. I have recently stepped up from receivers to seperates. I originally bought a used Atlantic Technology p-1000 pre/pro and a A-1000 7 ch amp. This has been a very significant improvement to the receivers. I just replaced the pre/pro with a parasound C2 and am quite pleased with it. Now I had a channel go out on the amp, and while I can continue to use it because I run 5 channels and the amp is a 7 ch so still have all ch covered. But I am sure its just a matter of time before additional channels quit so time to start planning now for a replacement. I've set a budget of about 2K for a new or used amp. I would like suggestions and recommendations on what to get. I am thinking of Parasound Halo, Macormack. Used krell showcase, used classe CAV-180?, Emotiva XPR-5, or ???
I do not want any class D stuff, don't like the sound for music. I am using Focal 806V mains and a HSU sub that is way overkill. I have good acoustics as all walls are shrouded in acoustic panels and carpeting on the floor. Most of my music is on a music server so I listen to few cds.
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
Rick G
Being an owner myself, of course I am partial to Parasound. Since you mention the Halo on your short list above, then why not a Halo A-52? You already have the C2 prepro and it would be a proper match. I know you can get A-52 factory refurbs with full warranty under your 2K budget. Good luck.
Thanks for the input Paraneer. My first thought was also to just get the Halo amp but I have not heard any of the amps listed and don't know if there is a difference in sound quality or build quality as relates to longevity. I have to assume that different amps sound different or whats the point in upgrading. I am also concerned about the ability to get repairs in the future.
No problem Goulsonc. Whether amps sound different or the same if operated within their specs is debatable and has been argued for years. I won't go down that road. I do believe though that all amps are not created equal in terms of their quality of construction, internal parts used and current capability (despite the amount of watts they may be advertised). The Parasound fits all above as I am sure no one will dispute their quality and high current capability. Also, since a concern is ability to be repaired, I am sure many will attest to their great customer service and twenty plus year history. Finally they are not an ID company and that should bring some relief. I am not knocking ID manufacturers - many offer excellent products for the money but lets remember that these are young companies that may not be here in a few years. Warranties and ability to service could become non-existent. Look whats happening to the latest ID failure - Elemental Designs. Alot of people got ripped off. This is why I stick with established manufacturers who sell through either B&M stores, dealership networks or authorized internet retailers.

If you agree this is a good concern to have, then you should ask yourself if the amp you are considering has the power (combination of watts & current) to adequately drive your speakers to reasonably loud levels without breaking a sweat. Most that listed in addition to the HALO do. I also agre to stick with Class A or AB. I am not a Class fan based on the ones I heard so far.

In my case, my Parasound puts out 125 wpc, 35 amps max current into my 4 Ohm Vienna Acoustic speakers. No problem whatsoever and I would have to back off the volume because of how loud the system is playing before I ever had to worry about clipping or going into protection mode. Good luck on your amp journey.