Time to upgrade

I'm looking to upgrade to a cd player with hdcd capacity on the cheap (under $1000). Currently using sony XA1ES as my cd player with good results. Considering the Rotel RCD1072...good rewiews and within my price range. Opinion? Suggestions? The rest of my system is as follows.
Adcom GFP 555II preamp
B&W 683 speakers
Rotel RB1080 amp
Marantz 6000 tuner
Marantz 6300 turntable with Grado gold cart

Thank you and remember, I have a mortgage and a child.

It's hard to beat the original Music Hall CD25 for bang-for-the-buck sound with HDCD capability, especially with an opamp upgrade. I don't think the newer version, the CD25.2, has HDCD.
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