Time to Upgrade??

Looking for some advise or better yet direction, I have owned my SF GP Homes since new and am thinking that the sound no longer gives me that same feeling I had when I bought them, call it goosebumps, the sound doesn't inspire me as they once did. I am looking for options as these will serve double duty as AV as well as Music, I like the look of the SF's and do like the piano finish and have not listend to B&W Cm series but like the look as well. There are loads of options and trying to dig into the many options is a substantial task, hence advise.
My current system consist of a Mac MX135 as well as Mac MC207, Oppo BDP93, as well some tid bits for processing MP3 and the like.
I have also considered upgrading my Mac to a MX150 but not so sure that the gains offset the upgrade expence, Pre/Pro's are not your best investment as Technology moves at an astounding pace.
Any Thoughts appreciated.
I had SF GPs a few years back, one of the caps began to leak and I changed the lot. I'd expect given their age a good tech might be able to give yours a good spring clean.

That said I sold mine not long after and was very happy with Totem Forests while I had them. I've heard Cremona M's a fair bit, they can be made to sound wonderful in the right system, based on that I expect Liuto would also be a good shout.

Interesting thought,
Yes they have been around a few years and maybe some internal tweaking and adjustments are in order.
I have read rave reviews on the new SF Toys, I am a minalmist and must please the otherhalf in my quest, I like the small footprint of the SF's as well the B&W CM Towers, I did a listen at BB today, but proper test is at home.
Have you considered getting a dedicated CD player, DAC, or turntable? In other words, a new source? People rave about Oppo's sound quality, but I don't hear it with CDs. It does a lot of things right, I just don't find it musically satisfying. Just IMO.