Time to replace Tice Solo?

I have my pre, Bryston combo and VPI Classic 3 plugged into a Tice Solo power conditioner that has to be 30 yrs old. Is the Solo still a good unit or is it time to upgrade to a newer conditioner? By doing so, will I hear any sonic improvements? I'm on a tight budget; so, what conditioner will give me the most "bang for the buck"?
Hi Rockyboy

What is prompting the change in power conditioning? Is it just the age of the unit or something else? I have Tice Power Blocks still in my system and they work for me. What is your budget for the new power conditioner? A friend of mine had Tice stuff and went with Richard Gray gear.

Good luck with the search.
Power conditioners do have a lifespan of about 10 years.
I would think it's time to move on.
If I replace, it will be after first of year as I just bought new speaker cables and cartridge. But I first need to determine if newer units will "outperform" the Tice. My question to the community is ....will I hear sonic improvements in my system by replacing the Tice with, say, a Shunyata or Richard Gray conditioner? BTW the Richard Gray units appear to be less expensive than those from Shunyata
Tice Power Conditioners - Wow!

We used 2 sets of Power Block & Titans, Series II with TPT Treatment for years.

Not sure why the 10 year age was referred to, we used ours for longer and our friend bought them and currently uses them in his system to good effect. These conditioners are high quality transformers, which I believe should last a long time when feeding source components (like ours were and still are doing) because they do not have a big load on them and are not stressed / run hard.

Like all technology, power conditioners have improved - dramatically. We're using a Sound Application for our moderately high end system (Meridian 800 series digital front end, Pass XA-200.5's, Top Tier MIT Oracle cables, Shasha Series I speakers, CH Acoustic power cords).

The improvement was dramatic - my jaw hit the floor - literally, immediately after music I was intimate with started to play! Music became MUCH more life like. I would think this is system dependent, meaning it will allow your components to perform their best. But, if your components aren't up to the task (figuratively speaking) - the improvement(s) won't be as dramatic.

Hope this helps.
Boy, I'd go real slow on tossing the Tice! If you look at my system you will see that I highly value the Tice Solo! ;)

Actually, I don't use it on audio, only HT setup. I have found over many years that power conditioning/regenerating tends to take away from the sound as much as it supposedly enhances. :(
Thanks for the input. After I liquidate some excess gear I will be replacing the Tice.
Get an Audience ARCTSSDOS get the best.
Sorry its AR6TSSDOS.
Thanks for the recommendation, but the Audience is a little too pricey for me,