I run a LP-12/VAL/GRACE-707 into an Adcom 565 preamp.
Happy with what it does to the Tab 2's through my slightly modified Audionics CC-2. But, things have gotten tired on the cartridge front.
I love the stage it presents. The detail is wonderfull when matched with my system.
I hate the woofer flutter. I hate the price too.
With the sound of a high end Grado in mind, my biggest lure being the soundstage and detail, what have any of ou found for 250.00 or less retail? (I must stick with MM.)
Anyone heard he Van Alstine green-horn grado thingy??
Any other good carts that image? Or should I just bite the bullet and send the thing back to them for a rebuild?
I would welcome any personal experiences you could share.
Try a Dynavector 10x latest version. High output 'coil would work well in your system. IMHO.
I agree with Ivanj's comment that a high output MC might work well for you but, in your price range, you're going to be looking at MM. If you could move up a bit, alot of folks here on 'Gon have been raving about the Denon 103. If you must stick with your budget, the Grado Prestige series might be worth investigating.

The 707 is a pretty light arm, as I remember. Before you finalize anything, check back on this forum for other's experience with the combo you are leaning toward.

Gumby, hi. The 707 would like a medium to high compliance cartridge. The lower compliance ones will be too much for the bearings of the ol' Grace. I think the Dynavector mentioned above might be good if you like the Dynavector Sound. The Goldrings are also good. If you want to go higher end, just make sure it is not too stiff. I have had some experience with the 707 and a stiff cartridge will definitely shake the bearings loose. If you want to go low compliance, a Rega RB-300 arm will definitely take you there, as those bearings are head and shoulders above the Grace. I personally believe that the arm will be more of a sonic improvement than the cartridge, and if you are going to buy a cartridge that will be with you for some time, it would be good to buy a matched set of tonearm/cartridge as a combined upgrade. If you could get an Ittok, it would be better yet. Either of these arms with a lower priced cartridge will give better results than the Grace 707 with a high priced cartridge. Please consider this idea. I have had a Linn/Ittok/Karma package in the past and it was terrific. I have also worked for years in a Linn/Naim dealer and heard hundreds of demos with different combinations. The arm is definitely more critical to the system than the cartridge. Just trying to help.
Thanks for the advice. I am stuck with the arm I have. Replacing it would be WAY out of budget.
Whatever cart I buy must work well with the grace.
It is boating season........and I have two of the floating money pits.
Gumby- Seems like there is a fairly good market for the 707 if you are looking to sell. You might be able to fetch close to a couple hundred and then turn around and find a used RB-250 with the OL mods plus another armboard for not much more. Heck, you probably wouldn't mind the table being down for a month or so while you're in-between arms- you're going to be on the water for the next few months anyway!

BTW- Are you a rag-hauler or stink-boater?

Traded the sloop for a small and quick bowrider 7 years ago. Kids were too young to appreciate it.
Came into a semi home-made houseboat two years ago.
When the youngest (14) gets to college age, my wife and I might just get another sailboat and drop out of society :>)
(There is nothing like the sound of the ropes hitting the masts at night.....ahhhhhhhhh)
I wonder, How do you use a turntable on a sailboat?? ;>)
I modified a gimballed bulkhead mount for a 2 burner alcohol stove to attach to the turntable. You have to keep the cables routed out of the way, with a little slack to allow the necessary movement.
Taking Twl's idea a step further, you could use the alcohol stove to create steam to create enough electricity to power the Remote Magnetic Pulse Drive System for an SL1200, then turn the deck into a dance floor.

BTW- I'm a sailor. Race and Cruise. Like you, a fleet owner.

Hmmm, Just found my uncles old brass lantern with a nice heavy mount. Looks like it will hold 100 pounds if I want it to.
Ever heard of a houseboat with an LP12 on it??? :>)
The Audio Technica AT-440ML may work well in that arm, and is going for about $99 now.