Time to replace speakers, suggestions wanted

I have enjoyed my Totem Rokks for about 8 years now. Recently I noticed the distinctive sound of the paper separating on the left mid-range. So I will start the search for replacement speakers and will limit my search to full range towers. I listen to mostly rock from acoustic to hard and I am looking to get back into vinyl soon. Fidelity is important. I have heard Aerial 7B's and was very impressed. They might be a bit much for my system. I would appreciate input on speakers to audition.

My system consists of Marantz 63SE CD, Adcom GDA600 D/A, Rotel RC-990BX pre, 2 bridged Rotel RB-980BX amps (horizontally bi-amping to keep leads as short as possible), all fed by a Rotel RLC900 line conditioner. I also have a Paradigm powered sub, but I hope this will go away.

My listening room is the 15x20 L part of my finished basement. Berber carpet, bare (for now) walls, and 8' drop ceiling.
Why not just replace the ailing driver?
Dan, you may wish to either replace the drivers per Socrates' suggestion or have them repaired. Even if you decide to get new speakers, repairing/replacing the drivers on your old ones will fetch a higher price when you sell them. I had the driver paper and foam repaired on an old pair of AR's and the repairs lasted longer than the originals. Good luck.
Thanks for the info Ozfly and Socrates. I probably will have this done no matter what I decide about new speakers. I have been very impressed with these little boxes, but I think that I am ready for an upgrade. I just added the second amp in the last 6 months and I feel that I am starting to beat the crap out of the Rokks.

Do you suggest having this repair done by Totem or is there another place that can do the job righ?
The 7B is a very good speaker. I've heard on several occasions. Very recently I had the chance to hear the ACI Talisman. All I can say is, this is one terrific speaker. The fellow's listening setup was decent but not spectacular. The room was pretty live. Yet man did I hear music from those towers. The dynamics were very potent yet they were not harsh or in your face. Soundstage was as good as I've heard anywhere. They are my dream system.
Dan, normally I would do a bit of research prior to responding but I have a house full of guests so ...

Anyway, for a speaker repair, you do not have to go to the manufacturer. Check the yellow pages under "speakers". If you can't find anything in your area, check two things: 1) The back pages of any Stereophile magazine (lots of good ads back there) and/or 2) Go to yahoo.com and click on "advanced search" then type in "speaker repair" and start hunting (actually, you can do the same with threads here on Audiogon). Sorry I can't give a more precise answer, but I have to hurry. Good luck.
You could replace the speaker yourself, likely for under $75, and in less then an hours work even if you have never soldered before. Contact your speaker manufacturer and ask them to sell you a replacement, or look around online for the driver, I'm sure you'll find one...
Thanks again on the fix suggestions, guys! That will certainly provide a future for these speakers.

Anyone have more suggestions for speaker upgrades?
If you like the Totems, then try the Forest or the Wind;
personally I liked them better than the Aerial 7s. Of course
the maggie 1.6s would be my first choice.
After searching the forums and checking with the ads I am wondering if the Martin Logan Aerius I's might be worth checking into. I think my rotel monoblocks should put out plenty, 350+ watts/chan, or I could horizontally bi-amp (my original post is wrong, currently vertically bi-amped) and use the rotels in their 120watts/chan config. If needed the Paradigm sub could add punch to the bottom. They might also work better for times I am moving around in the room, like shooting pool, and not sitting in the very localized sweet spot of the Rokks.

I understand that the ML's are sensitive to the room environment. Does anyone have experience with ML's for rock? I would guess that they don't have the punch of some other "rock" speakers, but I never got that from the Totems and actually prefer a little less "in your face punch". Anther question, how do the Aerius match up with analog music?
You may well hate ML's for rock music, the woofers are a joke, the panel is made for lightweight music and can't handle large dynamics without breaking up very audibley. I highly suggest that you demo those speakers before buying, I know many folks not at all impressed with them (myself included) or not happy owning them after hearing less expensive speakers eat them alive.
Absolutely. I don't buy anything I haven't heard. I am trying to find places within my home area, southern N.H., to audition the speakers I am interested in. Some makes are easier to find than others. I have heard Thiel, Revel, Aerial, and the Aerials easily won that round. I've listened alittle to Martin Logans but only with light jazz and a female vocalist. I'm looking for places to demo ACI, Vandersteen, and Totems.
Recent snows have kept me from making progress on the speaker upgrade search.

Totem says they will sell me replacement drivers for $90 each. Maybe it's worth replacing the mid-range in both speakers at the same time to keep them balanced. What do you think?
If those are dynaudio drivers you can read off the numbers and they can send you a matched replacement, without having to get a pair. On the other hand, if the damage is due to age the other will probably go soon anyway.
That's the thought I had. The "head light" theory, if you will. When one goes replace both.
Socrates, it's quite UNlikely that a replacement driver will match sufficiently in sensitivity to provide excellent imaging. Dynaudio et al sell their mid-spec runs to OE manufacturers and sell the production "tails" to hobbyists, etc. I guess you could use a RS meter afterwards, and retweak the cross-over with a driver pad if necessary. But what a chore....
Who is ACI?? Do they have a Website?? What is the retail price of the Talisman mentioned by one of the members ??

www.audioc.com There is a price sheet as well. Looks like the Talisman is about $8K.