Time to reflect - why do you post on Audiogon.....

Obviously the majority of posters are seeking help making decisions about purchases, but there exists an underlying group of regular contributors and it is to these folks that I address this question. I'll start -

I love this hobby and music. I've gotten valuble help over the years, as well as having been skinned by opportunists and my own imagination. When I discovered this site a few years ago it appeared to be an excellent place for me to help those whom I can to enjoy the hobby as I do and, at the same time, provide a few with warnings about certain pitfalls and myths. I do not work in the industry nor do I sell product (not even my own stuff - you have to see my closet!) My reward comes on those few occasions when I know I have helped some one or even rarer occasions when some one takes a moment to say thanks.

Why do you post?

Your posts have always seemed insightful and intelligent to me. I hope that you change your mind and decide to "stay" in the community. Whatever you decide, fare very well, our kind friend.
David berry's post's simplicity is encouraging to me.

I may be unique in this respect, although I don't know why, but I reached a time in my life where tranquillity, peace of mind, has become very important. I've been trying to 'down size' my system and my expectations of it. I've reached a point where it, to my ear, doesn't do anything wrong! Which does not say that it does every thing that can be done, nor that its universal, nor that it can't be improved. Its just that I've acepted it for what it is and am enjoying the music much more now.

To continue in this forum I must accomplish the same end. If I don't I'll surely burn my self up in petty disputes over trivia. I'm going to try to return to my original goals.

Thanks for the kind thoughs.
1. I find the level of discussions on Audiogon to be uniformly very high and very informative - easily the best of any of the audio internet sites that I have encountered.

2. I continue to learn a lot from Audiogon so, like David Berry, if I think I can contribute something I post it.