Time to reflect - why do you post on Audiogon.....

Obviously the majority of posters are seeking help making decisions about purchases, but there exists an underlying group of regular contributors and it is to these folks that I address this question. I'll start -

I love this hobby and music. I've gotten valuble help over the years, as well as having been skinned by opportunists and my own imagination. When I discovered this site a few years ago it appeared to be an excellent place for me to help those whom I can to enjoy the hobby as I do and, at the same time, provide a few with warnings about certain pitfalls and myths. I do not work in the industry nor do I sell product (not even my own stuff - you have to see my closet!) My reward comes on those few occasions when I know I have helped some one or even rarer occasions when some one takes a moment to say thanks.

Why do you post?
Sometimes I see a great post as this one and just want to answer!
Sometimes I want my stressed mind to get easier for a minute.
There could be more different reasons such as you've described such as to ask the question or to throw some joke.
WHY---???? Hey;I'm not a shrink;don't ask me. Beyond the classifieds, I think of this place as a giant hi fi mag.---You know read about all kinds of products and how they interact with equipment---- Learn more about products I already own--(yes) Learn about stuff I might buy.-----Share all kinds of stuff. Answer emails make 'net buddies'.---- I have just enough time in the hobby to be able to help those below my level--(not many). ----- Mostly it's learn,share, have fun and did I mention learn?
It's just fun to help folks out or share something fun or interesting that you've found. And sometimes it's to take advantage of the perfect opportunity to be a smartass!
Kickbacks and payoffs from the audio manufacturers. That, and the great medical plan and retirement benefits keep me posting.


PS ......Hell, If I can save a few heathen solid state listeners from the ravaging onslaughts of that wicked platform in the process, wake them up and have them accept the likes of G.R. Carey, John Ambrose Flemming, and Lee de Forrest as their lords and saviors, I can sleep better at night!! That's just frosting on the cake!
to learn, and eventually, to return the favor to people newer to hi-fi than me.
here to learn and help others learn if possible.
At this point I feel like I know enough that I can contribute back reasonably intelligently (I went through an expensive "education"). Plus it's fun and as Marakanetz says, relaxing. These days I just skim the forums quickly. Sometimes look through the classifieds for audio porn.
My sole reason for posting is to amuse Marco.
Because A Gon is a great place to hang out. I have learned a great deal through A gon posts and personal experiences , and If I feel I can share something that will help someone, then its time well spent. Also everyone I have spoken with on A gon either directly or through e mails, genuinely seem to be sincere , and very nice , individuals.
Dammit Gunbei, I thought we agreed not to speak publicly of our 'special relationship'. I told you, people won't understand what we have together. People are cruel, intollerant and jelous when they see a green slant-headed boy walking hand in hand with a 44 year-old white man! If this kind of indiscression continues I'm going to have to break it off! Pay no attention to the green boy folks, he's young and reckless, and lives in a fantasy land inside is green slanted head. There's nothing to see here folks. Go back to your banter about more valuable ways to contribute and leave us to speak further in private. I'll straigten him out, you'll see. He just needs a bit of TLC, and just a bit of manly loving. Sorry for wasting all the bandwidth with our bickering. C'mere Gunbei......no, don't be afraid....don't you run from me.....I won't hurt you again....there you go, that's it......see, isn't that better..........NOW SAY MY NAME BITCH! WHO'S YOUR DADDY!???!!!

Wait a minute. Whats going on here?..Marco?..Mejames?..Gunbei???..Hey.. your not going to bring that SS vs.Tube stuff to this thread now are you? HA! I love it!-
You won't catch me with those big manhands, I'll just keep sliding away zig zagging my way through the aisles of toyland using my special one foot lifted behind me style.

You're not my Daddy!!! Pokey is!

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...Marco Clokey?

Please help me Audiogoners!

Protect me from this mean man who grabs me by one of my legs and throws me spinning in the air like whirling top.

Yeah, you might think it would fun flying through the air like a little green clay propellor, but doing that always ends up splitting me in half from the crotch up.

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Then he takes pictures of me all split up in his "studio" and posts them on the internet. Go look at them:


It's the community. Great people who love music and are willing to share and disagree agreeably.

Besides which, hell ... who else can I talk to about this stuff ??? ;-)
Do have an address where I can send your application to "Heathens R Us"?
I used to think this was a safe helpful community, if not a little anal, but after the last few comments, I'm afraid! What were marco and Gunbei like before they started posting here? It's not the site that did that, is it?!?

Somebody hand me the pliers!
Nrchy - I was a Baptist minister before Audiogon showed me the error in my ways. I went into one of their twelve-step programs. Had the shakes something fierce, thought I wasn't going to make it. Met the GreenMan over there at the clinic and he helped me through it. One look at him with his slanted head, green complexion, and absense of any genitals or even a crack to down there to relieve himself and I knew I was in the right place. If he could do it, so could I. Now I worship tubes and denounce all others. You know what we say about tubes: If it ain't hot and hard, it ain't worth a f*%k!

I just have to jump in here. I post on this site becaucse of reasons stated above (learn/help).
However, I mostly post here because it is one of the few places I can go to read and communicate with like minded fanatics. Most of my friends and family, save one audiophile buddy, do not understand AT ALL why I spend so much time and money on this hobby. Everyone here, no matter what walk of life, has a common bond. We all understand each other.
Marco, that explains the fact that you are so full of &*%$#!!!
Nope, it can't be explained away that easily Nrchy. Gunbei (the GreenMan) is the one without the rectum. It wasn't part of the twelve-step program, and it's not contagious! So I got no such excuse for the abundance of &*%$# that fills me up! I'd say constipation, except for the fact that I stock the pond with Finless Browns on a pretty regular basis. I'm proud to tell you I've had plenty of big'uns in there too. Some fight like the Dickens to stay afloat. Had to flush three time for one of'em! Maybe posting here helps me get rid of some of the residual though, and that's what you're picking up on?! Ooops, out of toilet paper......anyone got the new Stereophile on hand?
Ozfly, as usual, said so much with very few words. so, I am just gonna say what I like to read when it is me who is referanced......

"I agree with Ozfly."
Sometimes its kind of like watching television and being on it at the same time. I like that, and I like that outside status of individual members is minimized in interactions. Who one is is what one posts. And I get to back and look at my old posts, and see how I've changed and try to improve on my attitudes. And who can forget the assortment of characters who come and go or stay?
Ohlala - I tend to liken it more to watching a car crash and being in it at the same time. Whenever I go back and read my old posts I wonder why they keep allowing me to post anything here at all!? I haven't changed a bit. It's hopeless. Gee, I'm glad I'm in this car crash cause now I won't have to off myself.

tubes who said anything about tubes? Currently don't have any in the house there at VTL for upgrades, is there such a thing as withdrawal symptoms from not having tubes around??
Not to worry Youjames, now that you've seen the light, or rather the glow, you will always have that warm fuzzy feeling of the presence of tubes deep inside you. Those tubes that ran off to VTL ain't comin' back. In fact there is no "upgrade" department at VTL, just "repairs". You've been duped. It's hard love, I know, but the sooner you face up to it, the closer you'll be able to be to the tube-baby you carry inside you when you give birth eight or nine months from now (unless it's one of those 9-pin premie tube-babies, in which case it may be sooner).

Let go and let Tesla. One tube at a time.

Menotjames; Memarco.
I enjoy debating with Sean. He has a good deal of technical know-how, but is totally screwed up at times, and needs to be set straight. Of course, I am always correct :)
Because my wife's eyes glaze over:) As Ozfly said who else can I talk to about this stuff?
Really, I do not participate in much of the subjective posts because I have only been obsessed with this hobby for 2 years and do not have much experience with critically listening to changes. That said, I try and help out people that post problems or want to hear about some experiences that I have had.
Also, I am usually to afraid to post at the Asylum!

I'm unemployed and bored. That's why I post.

That and it's fun to be involved in this hobby. There aren't that many people around here to chat with, so the internet has become my favorite abode.
Milkman, I wondered how you had to for so many posts recently. Sorry to hear about your situation. I always thought the internet was a great commode!
I post, therefore I am. Although I read more than I post. I guess that means I should say I post less than I read therefore I am...less!? No wait a minute that did not come out right either. Ah forget it that's why I just read more than I post.

Seriously though, you regular contributors are great. A'gon is like my audio specific daily newspaper.
I love this hobby and sharing experiences with others in it.
As a music fan first and audio hobbyist next I try to take that approach when I post.

My passion for music has never wavered but I read on here that quite a bit of faith has been lost in the quality of modern music.

I try to show that there is great music available now and lesser heard older music available and whatever your bag is you can usually find something or indeed try another bag.
I looked up this old post today - sort of a sanity check for me and some remotivation to continue, if I decide to do so.

Perhaps others might like to think about it from their own perspective as they did here. Post if you like.

Hey Newbee great post to bring back.

So many in this hobby have few if any people to ask and share opinions, excitement, and experience so this is somewhat of an oasis. When I have a question I post it, an answer I offer it, I also post harmless jabs and smartass remarks (we all disagree or are skeptical every now and then) it is all about balance, I spend alot of time talking with others on phone and internet sharing, asking, and learning.....and having a bit of fun doing it.
Not too many of us have friends that care, family that will listen or even support this passion, it can be a very solitary hobby and too often is, so having this and other forums are a great little club where we can all be ourselves and that is a great thing to have......IMHO.
Believe it or not, I don't personally know another audiophile so besides dealers this is my only communication about the subject.
There is a great collective knowledge and give and take a few biggots in love with their sytem and themselves (those who think their choice is the right one and cannot take criticism), people are usually open minded.
Beheme, Thank you for your observation. That helped a lot. I have felt for some time that I have strayed a long way from my original objective and it was time to move on. I do not believe the collective knowledge of the A-gon will be diminished by my absence, at least it will never be noticed.

Good luck all.
I admire your sense of pride, responsibility and in the end perspicacity. We will miss you.
I do not believe the collective knowledge of the A-gon will be diminished by my absence, at least it will never be noticed.

That has to be one of the very rare times I find myself in disagreement with you, Newbee. I'd say a great many, both new and longtime members will miss your valued contributions. I certainly speak for myself in saying so. That said, I do understand very well that life is short and there are far more rich and meaningful things to devote one's time and energy to. Thank you for your contributions here, Newbee.

All the Best,

Wait a minute! Did I miss something? Is Newbee leaving us? Please say it's not so. If you make any changes, just change your username. You definitely aren't a "newbee" regarding things "audio".
I'm a pasty, old, over-weight, balding, dandruff ridden with a bad comb-over, rotting teeth, bad breath, shingles, flatuence, mal-content, socio-path with dillusions of grandeur. No one else will converse with me, except, Audiogoners of course.
What was that Unsound?, we were not paying attention :)

Your posts have always seemed insightful and intelligent to me. I hope that you change your mind and decide to "stay" in the community. Whatever you decide, fare very well, our kind friend.
Simply to help others as I have been helped.
David berry's post's simplicity is encouraging to me.

I may be unique in this respect, although I don't know why, but I reached a time in my life where tranquillity, peace of mind, has become very important. I've been trying to 'down size' my system and my expectations of it. I've reached a point where it, to my ear, doesn't do anything wrong! Which does not say that it does every thing that can be done, nor that its universal, nor that it can't be improved. Its just that I've acepted it for what it is and am enjoying the music much more now.

To continue in this forum I must accomplish the same end. If I don't I'll surely burn my self up in petty disputes over trivia. I'm going to try to return to my original goals.

Thanks for the kind thoughs.
1. I find the level of discussions on Audiogon to be uniformly very high and very informative - easily the best of any of the audio internet sites that I have encountered.

2. I continue to learn a lot from Audiogon so, like David Berry, if I think I can contribute something I post it.
I post on AudiogoN because it's too cold to ride my motorcycle. Once it warms up, I will be on the road, or hopefully on the bike... I have been a lot less involved here the last couple of years. It just gets so old to argue with people who know very little and post a lot...



To answer the question:

I started when I bought the Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers and they required a written review of 100 words or greater to get their "introductory offer." There's no way they could have enforced the agreement (there was a little box the customer had to check on the internet order form as I recall), but I thought it might be a good idea to keep my word. Then some people had some intelligent things to say in the thread following the review, and I thought that was kind of cool. Since then it's been to hear what people have to say and to gather information on specific questions. There are quite a few really smart people who post on this site, in my opinion.

Finally, practically none of my local friends are audiophiles, so the Audiogon community is really a great group to be able to talk with. For me it's become a refuge from the stresses of work and a site where it's possible to interact enthusiastically with a group of like minded people, even if opinions are widely divergent on many issues. That diversity of opinion can be a source of contention, but it also (usually) adds to the informational value of a discussion and sometimes it's downright hilarious to see people argue back and forth about some arcane issue.

You mentioned the word "expectations". This, I believe, is the dark heart of the Audiophile Nervosa that so many people get afflicted with. Me too to some extent, but I recognize the symptoms when it starts to get a grip on me. A simple lowering of one’s expectation really does wonders in increasing your enjoyment. It does for me, anyway.

Case in point (briefly). I relatively recently sold my very expensive preamp and amps while waiting for an integrated amp. In the time lag between this equipment, I had nothing to power my speakers, so I bought Denon’s least expensive 2 channel receiver. My expectation was not high at all (it being about 100 times less expensive than what was there previously), but my enjoyment factor went up! I keep this little tidbit of information in mind when I feel my “expectations” are getting a little too high and thus suppressing my enjoyment.
Newbee - I just came to a few conclusions myself on this subject, which I posted on 3/30/07 to this other thread. Rather than spewing it all out here again, thought I'd point you over there as it's an interesting thread.


Marco, It was interesting for sure. Your reasons for posting have always been apparent, to me at least.

For some reason that thread reminds me of the integrated v SLR thread (I love playing with that analogy as I'm sure you've noted). So much on these forums has more to do with PP than anything else. Perception and perspective, not yellow fluid, is what makes conversations interesting, or not, especially for those who are open to alternative ways/thoughts. :-)