Time to recap?

I have 1990 David Berning TF-12 and EA-2101 PreAmp,Amp. Enjoy them immensely and had the TF-12 back to Prof Berning about 2 years ago for a popping issue when it warms up. He returned it and made no recommendation about upgrades. At 30 years old would you recommend cap upgrades, etc.? Before I ask him, I'm curious about you other tube folks about this change.
System is Berning components with SOTA Cosmos/ Fletcher arm with Benz Micro Glider cartridge and a plethora of CD players.
That old and you will hear tremendous improvement even if all you do is upgrade the rectifier diodes. Unless he uses tube rectification, in which case clean pins and call it good. But probably not, and some fast hexfreds will do you wonders.  

That's the most cost effective thing you can do. Caps will be another transformation, but cost? The sky is the limit. Price em out, you can spend as much as a whole new component real easy. 

People can recommend what they want. No matter what they say its their experience, until you do it yourself and see. So I would recommend try diodes, then try a few select caps. As long as you like the direction its going, keep going.