Time to Own Up

To what? Spending on gear vs. music. Over the last three years for every dollar I spent on gear, I spent 200 on music. Included in music spending is all forms, iTunes, cd's, vinyl etc. What is your ratio, gear to music?
Interesting question. I did it a little backwards - throughout the 80's and 90's I was spending $100/month on average on vinyl and CD's, yet had a middling Sony receiver and Infinity speakers. Once I found myself more interested in buying music than listening to it, I realized I had a problem. I also looked at my collection and realized it was worth much more than my system, and so started my long audiophile journey.

Over the last 10 years, I've spent much more on equipment than music. Now that I"m finally pretty fully satisfied with my system, I'll spend a bit more on the room, but then plan to go back to buying more music.
Didn't figure it out dollar wise . but I purchased about 100 CD's , SACD , and bought an Ayre KX-R preamp and a C5xeMP Cd player over the last year . I think my spending habits are the opposite of 117's . What ever makes you happy .
Much more on gear but then I have a mature music collection so I don't need to buy so much and not too crazy about todays pop music anyway.
The best 36/year has been Pandora.The best 4500 has been First Sound.I dont do math much,just music and figure its all good,cheers,B
Over the last few years way more on the gear. Spend more on music when I had a very meager system. Now I enjoy the old and the new music all the more.
If you spent $100 on gear, then you're saying you spent $20,000 on music? I'm wondering how much you spent!!!???