Time to move UP, speaker-wise...

My vandersteen 2ci’s dropped dead after a couple decades of sweet service. Over the past year, I’ve had mixed success with a pair of reference premier Klipsch speakers, but now I’m wanting something a far more subtle, perhaps a touch more sweet, and definitely able to reveal more sound-field information. Perhaps I’m being redundant... I’ve been intrigued by the open baffle concept and I’ve read some reviews on Spatial Audio products as well as Tekton’s open baffle offering. There are fans of the spatial, and then I discovered there are people that are blown away by the Tekton open baffle design. Tekton is also running a special on the Electron SE @$3000, which I feel inclined to try... Another area of interest is the Ohm speaker lineup... can any of you speak to them, and particularly how they compare to Klipsch Heritage speakers, or open baffle designs, or Tekton's...?

I have to say, I’m die-hard for the musical information, for the layers of musical fabric. Wolf_garcia claims the heresy III is the best $1500 he ever spent, in a discussion addressing open-baffle designs, among others, and so I’m wondering where to put my bills... What should I check out? It’s time to move up. I’m thinking $3300 is about my limit... I’m running 80 watts per channel from the nuforce sta200, a schitt saga pre, Cambridge transport.
I would look for a pair of used Magnepan 3.7i. They can be had for $4000, maybe less if you're lucky. Nothing sounds sweeter or produces better highs than the ribbon tweeter. And you won't believe the difference between Maggie 3.7is and your old Vandys. But for optimal performance, you'll need some power and a sub, for sure. One thing about Maggies is that they are a value speaker. $6000 Maggies are frequently favorably compared with speakers in the $15k - $20k range. 
OP - IF you want new from dealer you have two Vandersteen options in your price range, the VLR paired with a discontinued model 2 sub. You could also get into the fabulous VLR signature for $3k and get the carbon tweeter derived from the 7. Add a small REL sub and away you go with the soundstage, immediacy and seem less fatigue free sound Vandersteen is famous for. Or the model 2 has been refined and reworked nearly continuously since it’s launch - you should listen to latest variant it throws a massive sound stage and w acoustic coupler plays low. I own Apogee, Klipsh, Quad, Thiel and two pairs of Vandersteen’s currently- I never have anything bad to say about choices. 
Where are you located ?

I concur with the Vandersteen VLR  Wood recommendation.  Beautiful, fatigue free sound and excellent, spacious sound field.  Need to be placed close to a rear wall for bass reinforcement purpose.  Considering a move up the Vandersteen line.  Feel free to PM if interested.
The new model Vandy's of yours, are 3K, I believe, if this is what you like. Audionoobie makes the best point....listen to as much as you can. You cannot trust a reviewer, nor another listener, as everyone of us hears differently, and wants different things from our systems. 50 plus years, I have been an advocate for Klipsch " Heritage " speakers, feeling, that speakers of all kinds, make compromises, and I needed to weigh those compromises, with attributes, that are important to me. The greatest information an audio buyer can have, is to know, and / or have some idea, what qualities of musical playback, are desired and are most important, for a sound system, and this is true, at every price point. Many of my clients throughout the years, found Klipsch Heritage to be amazing, after my introduction of them, to them ( especially with my modifications and upgrades ). However, many of them, preferred Maggies, Vandies, Martin Logans, etc. It is all personal. Room size / acoustics, musical tastes, volume levels, sitting arrangements, all play a part. No one can tell you what is best for you. I can only tell you, what is best for me, and why.......I am extremely familiar with your Nuforce amplifier, and it is glorious, for what it is. Enjoy ! MrD.
@audionoobie what was it you didn’t like about the Spatials? I’m just curious.