Time to make a decision on int amp

Currently have McCormack DNA 0.5 and Accurus LS11 and want to go with an int amp. I want to purchase from a local dealer and my choices are: Mystere ia21, Rogue Cronus Magnum, Cayin A70T or staying w/SS and do the Musical Fidelity M6i. Speakers are Spendor A6's. Thoughts please!
Sorry, I meant Spendor A5's
Have you considered using a passive pre with your McCormack?
Unsound: Ironically yes! I was able to borrow the Luminous Technology (Axiom) from Tim Stinson. My concern is that the McCormack is 13 years old and I am ready to make a change and would prefer to try tubes.
As you are purchasing from a local dealer, the thing to do is to bring your speakers in and demo them to see which one you like best. That's exactly the advantage of purchasing from a local dealer - you get to pick something that suits your taste. Opinions may be well meaning, but there's no substitute for listening. Trust your ears.
I for one like the DNA .5 which can be upgraded/updated. But for integrated amps, I like Musical Fideity (which I own). I would like to hear the Rogue. Maybe check out Vincent too.