time to make a change

I'm currently using a passive volume attenuator and a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena phono, battery operated, phono pre. I used this phono pre due to gain requirements with my passive Volume control and lo power SET amp. I'm ready to try out an active pre amp so I can drive the 45 tubes better. I've borrowed a couple of pre amps and really like the headroom and the soundstage has really opened up. Now my worries. I really would like a pre amp with a lo noise floor like the passive and am considering a pre amp with a built in phono pre due to simplicity and space requirements, not a must though. There are a lot of used option on Agon but I would like some recomendations for a starting point, there's a lot of options. I want, tubes and preferably made in the USA, well, not china. A remote would be nice but not a must. Any ideas?
Cary SLP98P
Shindo Auriges with phono stage
Signal to noise is 119db. Dead quiet in my system
Audio Mirror T-61