Time to look at newer speakers?

I’m a first time tube amp owner (PrimaLuna Prologue Classic integrated/stock EL34s). I’m using it with a pair of JBL L65s that I’ve had over 40 years...one refoam  back in the 90s.  Source component is a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable with the stock Goldring cartridge supplied with these a decade ago and this is going thru a Music Hall Pa1.2 preamp to the PrimaLuna.  I’m happy enough with this setup that, going on 2 weeks since acquiring the tube amp, it’s crossed my mind that a 12 step program geared toward compulsive audio-system-listening may be in order.  What I’m wondering here is if there are new(er) speakers out there that are of a commensurate price/quality level with the rest of my system that I should at least try to audition in my own setup if not (‘gasp’) actually consider replacing the JBLs with?  I listen primarily to “popular” genres (rock/pop) from the 60s onward but have been known to veer off into listening marathons of nearly everything under the sun (except opera and most hip hop) and mostly at non-threatening volume levels....will open it up enough to “thump” the Sheetrock once every blue moon but my days of trying to replicate heavy metal concerts in the living room are in the distant past.  Thanks.
Oh god yes...Anything from Q Acoustics,Dali or Elac at the entry level up to super high resolution speakers around $3500.00 or more will allow you to see how good that amp really is...
Set a budget..Know what size speakers work best in your room,ie:size/acoustic signature,listening levels..Think about acoustic treatment for the first points of reflection & any echo you might have...After new speakers you'll need to upgrade the TT set up then cables & finally power stuff like cables,outlets & conditioners...
I had the PL Prologue 10 years ago. Great amp to decide if the tube thing is for you. Moved on to the Dialogue HP.

The amp is small enough to take to a dealer to audition speakers. You will get  suggestions here, but it's subjective. 

Also, the notion a particular brand is more suitable for particular genre of music is questionable. The speaker you like should sound good with everything you listen to.
Hard to give any sort of useful speaker recommendation without a budget.
Monitor Audio's silver series.
Mtrot, I’m thinking Freediver’s high figure of $3500 US would be appropriate for my situation...certainly less if I can manage it.  

Also, I’m limited to a smallish listening environment...speakers are on a long wall which opens into the kitchen area - far from ideal but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt. Radiating panel type speakers would be totally out...I’ve got maybe 18” of wiggle room from back of speaker to front wall and that would be with a small footprint, tower type design.  My L65s are <12”per that distance. 

Just curious, has anyone run a Totem Hawk with this amp and would that or the model smaller be a contender here?
Why not move up the JBL ladder. You could take a look at the reissue of the l100.
IBID   the new JBLs
These should sound awesome for your pop/rock music!   These are 8 ohm, and 91.5 dB sensitive, so your amp should drive them ok.  Hard to beat at the price. 


you might consider changing out the stock power tubes for some Gold Lion KT77s if you've owned the PrimaLuna for many months.
Totem Hawk too tough a load for that amp...The PERFECT speaker for you IMO is the Focal Aria 906!
Front ported & voiced so the Bass isn’t SUPER Deep,especially for the size of the cabinet..HIGHLY regarded in review circles..Around $1000.00 + $100.00 or more for a set of stands(unless you have a foundation to place them on)...
PS:Look for a Front Ported speaker while you search...
+1 on replacing Power Tubes if the amp is around 2 years+...
Dissenting opinion, your cartridge based on age and hopefully usage enjoying music deserves inspection under magnification !
and probably an upgrade.
have fun
most hip hop for me would be 105%
glad to hear of others more tolerant than I....
And Nelson Pass of some acclaim loves the L-65 Jubal with reworked crossovers, would come in right at budget and be fun quasi vintage project.....

Ilumnia Magister. The best you will ever heared. Comes in a few months to Boston. Cfr. Ilumnia.be. And review 6 Moon.
lukaske I did reference the Ilumnia and it appears at 20k Euros they are a bit out of the ops budget. But very nifty.
All I can tell is if your speakers were in reasonable shape you should be able to sell them to offset the cost of new if needed. I found a pair 2014 sold for $1250. But the current models that compare in the line are quite a bit, only one new anyway close to $4k the rest well above. But I would definitely go out and listen if I had speakers that long. You might be surprised you are in the mood for a different sound that still works well with your new amp. You might be surprised how many options you are happy passing by too.  Either way a learning opportunity that should be fun.
Try a nice set of Klipschorns,