Time to do house cleaning.

I had been audiophile since 1978.


My first serious system was Garrard turntable, Fisher integrated amp and ADS bookself speaker which sounds musical.


Since I had moved to Washington state 11 years ago, I had kept everything in the attic.  I have plenty of space in my 5100 sqf house.


I had enjoyed pristine treble and nice bass out of Lansche 4.1 which I bought new 2006 for 15 years.


I also bought Vaugn Cabernett II as second system.



But since I had bought Altec A7 and Scaena 3.2, Lansche and Vaugn speakers has not being used.


The above is the sound of hybrid system of Altec basshorn and Scaena 3.2


Altec basshorn was connected from 290 hz and down and two 18 inch subwoofers are added from 56 hz and down.


It give very wide and deep soundstage and unlimited dynamicws.


6 weeks ago I got Aurender N30 server which sounds really excellent.

Since then, Jays Audio CDt II transport is not being used any longer.


Lansche, Vaugn speakers and Jays Audio transport better find home to be used.


But I am too lazy to make any decision yet.


Do you thing I had better clean my attic before the end of year or early next year.


Your valuable opinions will be apprecicated.




May😁be collector.


I had amassed more than 500 vintage tubes dated from 1940's to 60's.



would you miss them if you sold them and how often do you use them? I miss my old Marantz amp every day but it was just collecting dust at the end. You know it's time to start the cleanup the 2nd time it crosses your mind



Thus  you are of the opinion that I d better do cleaning ASAP.





Keep the speakers that move you.

I used VOTT's in the summer of 1975 (Mac/Dynaco tube gear in a large room with very high ceilings) and aside from their warts/blemishes they made me smile.

Watched a YT video of yours in which they sounded better+++ than what I recall of mine.

This said, having listened to the new Heresy IV and the new La Scala on YT soundbites (yes, I know YT supposedly sucks for auditioning purposes) I'm intrigued.

Could not stand either models in their vintage versions, but the new ones...

Aside from not having the real estate for the big ones (and also that I would not invest that amount of money in speakers) the Heresy are a problem as I could keep my current system and use them in the living room setup.

I liked the H's in the same manner that I like my vintage wide band single drivers, but they offer "more" of what I like in a single/simple package.

This said, I may be better off ditching my tube gear and going with a simple SS integrated mated with conventional speakers considering my age and the fact that I no longer gave the energy/ability to fuss with HiFi gear as I've done/enjoyed in the past.

Hope this makes sense as I suspect that we may be going through a similar "event".



At some point one gets old enough that it becomes clear that stuff needs to be going out instead of in. I assume by your embarkation of audio journey was very similar to mine. So, you can declutter now or allow an estate sale or have someone that has no clue of the value (I don’t mean money) of the stuff dispose of it. About five years ago I started giving away or trading in all my extra stuff. I have a friend… buding audiophile and some discounts for my current gear. I am retired and can spend three hours a day listening to my main system and headphone system. I don’t stand around my storage areas looking at my old equipment.


I know my old Threshold Gear was reconditioned and went to a person who loved Threshold gear. Etc.


You can make sure it goes to someone that will appreciate it.

I’ve read it a thousand times: ‘I used to have that ———, but I sold it and I’ve missed it ever since.’

Therefore, having received the wisdom of others who’ve gone before me, I’ve never sold anything.

As far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t gotten out of hand thus far, but a stranger seeing my place would probably say it has.

I say, consider the matter rationally, but also consider that we humans aren’t 100% rational, and that’s OK.

Don’t cut yourself short.

I've been though a lot of equipment in my life, and yes, there are a few pieces I wish I never sold, but then I ask myself, what would I be doing with it? It would probably be collecting dust and taking up room. Plus, the money I made on it helped me buy new equipment. Add to that I can always buy it back if I really miss it/wanted it (and I never have!). So I only keep what I use.

I'd suggest you ask yourself what benefits you the most, keeping it or selling it? 

Clean it up. 
the process will is good for the soul. 
 (Maybe you’ll find some good soul music you forgot about).

Soon enough father time will have you giving or throwing it away.

Find a loving home for your ex’s while you still can.

I had a pair of ADS speakers back in the day. A friend called them Screaming Bricks. He was right. Tossed overboard.


In my case I enjoy listening to different flavors, So I kept most of my gear, like 2 Tekton Speakers ps 12 and impact monitors, KLH model 9, Andra 1, diapason adamantes , Technic monitor single driver, Redrose r3 Monitor, Kliphs rpm600, Norh 9, ELac B6. Wharfedale monitors, 2 Monitor pioneer sb21 22.At this time I have 3 systems? One systems rotates my monitors there for a change. My wife used to hate it, Now she join me when I listen. OP if you need space and money ? Sell your extra gear .Really it’s your choice , just remember if you love those speakers and gear enough.You might miss them and regret later.

@fuzztone   +1

"Soon enough father time will have you giving or throwing it away.

Find a loving home for your ex’s while you still can."

Exactly what I was gonna say. Deal with it now while you physically/mentally can knowing you at least tried to find it a good home. Otherwise, the estate sale/auction house will just "dispose" of it.

The boxes alone take up tremendous amounts of space, and they deteriorate rapidly.  Selling takes time and effort, and I won’t list anything that doesn’t work perfectly, so I have donated some good stuff to Goodwill. for some things, like Opera records, there  is no market at all.  I gave away a pristine collection of over 600 opera albums.  If it’s not being used, it’s a burden that should be unloaded.

yeah, I miss some things I got rid of, but I wouldn’t be using them now.

A list of who gets your belongings, and who inherits them is a legal document.  Have you and your wife sign it.  Keep it with your will.  Otherwise, I would clean up.  Don't have to do it all at once!

Put it all on Craigslist now. After the 1st of the year many potential buyers will be broke.