Time to change speakers again

I love the sound of my current system but sometimes you just need to make a big change. I've been playing with horns and other dynamic driver systems and now it's time to go back to panels. Anybody else change just to get a totally different sound?

Thanx, Russ
Yes, a lot of us do that....you are not alone.

If you get the chance,take a listen to the Yankee Audio FPR-72 MKIII.
I dont change...I just keep buying until I have all the different sounds I want. It doesnt have to break your bank either.
Sure. I did that after I went thru a bunch of dynamic speaker systems, I tried horns, panels, then electrostats. Now that I've satisfied my curiosity, I'm back to some fairly refined dynamics. For me it was a trip of discovery and I found that it was the pin-point imaging aspect of dynamics that I preferred, and done right it was better in my smallish room that the others. But I kept the others (except the horns) just in case I forget why preferred dynamic designs. :-)