Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment

Does anyone else ever felt this way?  My new amp arrived with cables and I want to wait until the weekend to hook it up.  I don't want to rush through it after work when it is dark and I am tired - almost rushing to get through it.  I want to make it a longer event and have time to listen to my existing system, then do the work to hook it up (a bit of a pain) and then rest and have time to listen to the new amp.  Maybe stretch out the fun and be fresh on a Saturday morning.  What is everyone's timing / process for installing new gear and the before and after listening?  


I know what you mean I bought a desktop I just stared at the tower on the floor for five months and then installed it. I bought it so I could do DSP. Now it's two weeks later and I have not done DSP. So now I want to buy some cables well I should be doing DSP. I hate doing DSP would prefer doing LSD.

At least amplifiers are the easiest things to install aside from them being very very heavy.  Mine are sitting on an amp rack with coasters . Why don't more amp racks come with coasters?  So what if an amp vibrates a little bit. It's so damn heavy what could possibly move this thing.  Why can't they make an amp rack for two Mono blocks.  I hate these damn things being on the floor you could trip over them and they take up a lot of space.

I'm way too impatient.  Anything that arrives is immediately rushed upstairs and implemented.

I have a kind of 2 stage system where anything is easy to hook up and listen to; then later I'll find its permanent spot and rethink wiring for optimal. But I gotta hear that sucka immediately upon arrival.  

Then yes, there's that 4 hour Saturday morning process of optimizing everything.  Love those mornings...

jji666 - Yes, I’m pretty much the same way.  

Also, if I open up a box that I just received and if the packing looks suspect, I take tons of pictures as I’m unpacking it - just in case I need to file a claim.