Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment

Does anyone else ever felt this way?  My new amp arrived with cables and I want to wait until the weekend to hook it up.  I don't want to rush through it after work when it is dark and I am tired - almost rushing to get through it.  I want to make it a longer event and have time to listen to my existing system, then do the work to hook it up (a bit of a pain) and then rest and have time to listen to the new amp.  Maybe stretch out the fun and be fresh on a Saturday morning.  What is everyone's timing / process for installing new gear and the before and after listening?  


I have a new amp arriving today!

The install is not a difficult thing. But getting the 66lb amp out of its box and in the rack will be challenging.

My wife may be able to help. 

Very curious to hear the difference between the new amp and the old.

Even before break in, I should be able to hear the basic sound of the new amp.

And how it powers my speakers.

It is tubes and I know that breaking in will take some time. The manufacturer actually says it will continue to improve for 600 hours!

It's part of the audio ceremony, being one of the sacraments (I think it's the fourth or fifth) . When it happens, it should all be done in one setting, taking all the time necessary to do it right.

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Unless the unit is delivered in the evening, it’s out of the box , in the rack and hooked up once delivered. Speakers the same thing, up and running , tweaking of position along the way. Whatever the new equipment is replacing I move into my 2nd system, or boxed up for storage or sale earlier the same day.



Ok, funny. I read the post and guessed it was an ARC REF. Then noticed your UserID… OK, I was right. Fortunately ARC does burn in the tubes, so you don’t have to listen to the first ten hours to new tubes… they are not good hours.