'Time Out' Classic Records vs. Acoustic Sounds

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Classic Records re-issue of Brubeck's 'Time Out' against the new 45 rpm re-issue by Acoustic Sounds (Quality Record Pressing)? I own the former and it sounds very good but anything coming out of QRP these days sounds fantastic.

I'd check over at SH Forum. That's the best online resource for impressions of different pressing, remasterings, etc.
what is the SH forum?
Steve Hoffman Forum.

I picked up my copy of the Acoustic Sounds re-issue last week. I don't own the Classic Records re-issue, but I do own a pristine 2-Eye (2nd press) stereo copy and a NM- 6-eye mono copy. The Acoustic Sounds re-issue easily bests both of the originals: more dynamic range, especially noticeable in the drums/cymbal and more air in Desmond's horn.

Both records in this re-issue are perfect - - totally flat/zero pops or other defects.

You will not be disappointed.

(If only Acoustic Sounds could get the rights to reissue Kind of Blue in 45 rpm with the same talent involved in producing the Take Five re-issue- - - that would be a gift from above.)
I'd like to see QRP do some quality reissues of titles that are impossible to find or expensive as originals. Time Out, while very good, does not fall into this category. How about Amused to Death?
Thanks to all who responded! I did indeed order the AS/QRP reissue.

Rshak, I was having the very same thought this morning as I played my Classic Records re-issue of K of B, which sounds very good and does have Flamenco Sketches at 45 rpm on one side. I pre-ordered the 45rpm MoFi K of B re-issue months ago but have no idea when it will be released. I've generally been more impressed by QRP than MoFi in any case.

Thanks again!
Rmohler - I agree with your impressions of QRP vs MoFi. Let us know what you think about *Time Out* after your copy arrives and you've given it a good listen.
06-30-12: Roscoeiii
I'd check over at SH Forum. That's the best online resource for impressions of
different pressing, remasterings, etc.

Hardly. Blubber is the motor from this 'Forum'. Probably there are
Forums out there which are more pain for the brain, but at the moment, I don't
know one.....
Stay at Agon, sooner or later you will get always a few competent answers.
Syntax, I gotta disagree. Audiogon just isn't a comprehensive forum for reviews of pressings, remasterings, etc.

Like any forum, you need to pay attention to who is saying what. But there are many more experts on masterings over there. Including Steve Hoffman himself and others involved in pressing and mastering the records and CDs themselves.

It is very rare that I feel that I have been steered wrong by opinions at SH Forums.

Anyone reading this can also just go and check for themselves.
I have the SACD but I don't have an SACD player anymore. In case anyone is interested. Mint.